Wish # 5

My fifth wish is that society curb their consumerism…do we really need a bigger TV to be happy?  Does constantly accumulating more “things” make you happy?  I’m the first to admit…I love shopping!  I love nice clothes, purses, coats…and oh the shoes!  But do I need them to be happy?  Probably not, but the right shoes with the right outfit makes me happy and these red ones, they just make me feel great…Red Shoes

I see people every day, working hard and spending more for things you wonder if they really need or more likely, do their children.  Growing up, we had everything we needed, sure there was plenty of stuff we wanted, but I couldn’t tell you now what any of those things were.  My favorite things are the experiences we had as a family.  My Pappa was a school bus driver and a farmer (goes hand in hand more often than you would think).  His route took him past our house for a drop, then he would come back by…we would yell to Mom where we were headed, he’d pick us up at the end of the drive-way and take us home with him.  Mamma would add more plates to the table and after Dad got home and finished feeding (we too lived on a farm), he and Mom would come to retrieve us.  There was always ice cream (sometimes homemade that we had to crank!) or watermelon and cantaloupe, sitting on the front porch, laughing, talking enjoying the breeze and each other before jumping into the back of the pick-up and heading home.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is a great time to take stock, look around at what you have, decide what you really need before making that Christmas wish list, think about what you have, what you don’t use any more and donate usable items to your favorite charities…Goodwill, Salvation Army, Red Cross…the list is extensive.

My friend (and Co-Blogger) Mary O has a great solution – she has 3 sons, all married, 2 with kids, (1 with dogs) – instead of shopping for things…she takes each family to dinner and an event.  Plays, the Circus, Children’s Museum…she is making memories that her Grandchildren will remember for a lifetime…that’s what life is about, not the “things” you accumulate…

What could you live without?  What are your wishes for positive change?  Please share!

Vicki Reed

Wish # 2

My second wish is that everyone feel loved and valued.  I am very blessed in my life…I have family who is supportive and encouraging in everything I do, and friends (The Group) who listen to frustrations and celebrate the victories as they come.  As an adult, I was fortunate to have known all of my Grandparents, the last to pass only a month ago and just before her 98th birthday, despite her diminished capacity, we made certain she knew she was loved and valued by those whose lives were touched by her generous and giving spirit over the years.

I believe one should feel this way in their career as well, I have been a Realtor for 2 1/2 years and moved to Keller Williams Realty (Indy Metro) this year and have truly found a home, I have never worked with a more genuine group of people, received encouragement for ideas that are a little out of the box for Realtors (MAX T Agents!), and the care and support of other agents.  We are all working toward the same goal to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.  Click here (Wi4C2TS_poster) to view the Keller Williams Belief System.  If you are thinking about a career change (or Company change if you are a Realtor), contact me, let’s talk.

As I said, I’m blessed with great family, great friends and career I love…tell me your wish…email, call or text me!

Vicki Reed