LIKE: the New 4-Letter Word

Yes, it’s a verb AND a preposition but does it have to also be used as an adjective and adverb and a filler?  I thought ‘uuummmm’ and ‘you know’ were irritating but “like” has moved to the top of the list.

On a recent elevator ride in my building I heard it 10 times from the 2nd. floor to the 12th. floor in two young ladies’ conversation. Yes, I was counting.

Even news reporters use it and anyone they interview throws it out several times.  Politicians and political pundits are hard enough to listen to let alone when they start inserting “like” as often as they change their stance.

I find myself slowing down when speaking to someone trying to make sure I don’t put a “like” in front of every other word.  It’s causing folks to think I have an early on-set of dementia; believe me, there’s lots of other signs that may be happening!

At a family wedding in the fall, I was prepared for the vows to be spoken as: “for like, richer and poorer, and like healthy and like forever” since the proposal posted on FB included “will you, like, marry me ‘cause we like, love each other so much.”

It’s become a habit and we know how hard those are to break. But give it a try and “like” things a little less – especially when you’re talking to me.

New Year, New Snowfall, Same Old Idiots!

I’m talking about the drivers not turning on their headlights at 5:30 p.m. –there’s not enough daylight then to see your dark colored car/van/suv/truck.  And the ones who don’t know what that lever on the left-hand side of the steering column is for.  I can’t read your mind, I just have to slam on the brakes when you decide to change lanes or turn at the next street. Given the terrible condition of the roads, that’s not easy.

Then there are the usual suspects that come out when the snow falls:

The ‘Look at ME – I have 4-wheel drive’ idiot that goes flying by.

The ‘Oh gosh, there’s snow on the ground’ idiot that goes 10 miles an hour on a clear road.

The ‘Let me keep turning the wheel AND braking’ idiot trying to figure out which end of the vehicle will actually be headed in the right direction.

The ‘I can’t see any lines marking lanes so I’ll just drive wherever I want” idiot that makes a left turn from the far right lane.

I know we add new drivers every winter so remember to pass on some of your knowledge to those around you:

–           Carry a blanket, scraper, shovel, kitty litter and working flashlight in your vehicle

–           Start slowing before you try to stop, don’t slam on your brakes

–           Take your foot off the gas & brake when fish-tailing

–           If you’re stuck in snow, rock the car back & forth to get some traction

–           If no one’s coming at a 4-way stop, coast on through

–           Don’t pour hot water on a frozen lock or windshield, heat up the key then insert into lock and use rubbing alcohol to loosen ice

–           Show some leniency toward your fellow man/woman

Yes, it’s winter in Indiana and that means snow and slush and icy conditions. I’m sure you have an ‘app’ that tells you the weather or a co-worker that keeps IM’ing you with updates.  It won’t be any better till after the IHSAA Basketball Champion games so get over it!