I had the honor of assisting 2 families that are clients of another agent while she was on vacation with her family…both nearly brought me to tears (y’all know I am a crier!)!

First was a lovely couple, married 22 years and buying their FIRST home! They were so gracious and kind and THANKFUL to be buying their home…despite all the challanges we sometimes go through in our business, they reminded me that THIS is why I do what I do…

Second, a young family, married 10 years with 2 young children who had been talking about building their dream home since before their first child was born and he is 4! They are on sabatical in another state and made a special trip to Indy to meet with the builder to secure their lot. They have been afraid to pull the trigger on the build and signing the papers. This appoint turned into a very emotional 2 1/2 hour discussion that ultimately came back to their WHY…sometimes we get frozen in indecision and have to be gently reminded WHY this is the right thing to do for our family, our lives…and again WHY I do what I do…

These are not my clients…however, because I surround myself with the best Realtors in the business, I learn something everyday. I am GRATEFUL and BLESSED to be reminded that I have the BEST career and truly have the opportunity to assist people with Turning their Dreams into an Address…

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