“Hoosiers” on the big, big, big screen!

A great way to celebrate March Madness in Indiana and support a great organization…

A Benefit for Heartland Truly Moving Pictures 

Join Heartland as we celebrate the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame’s induction of screenwriter/producer Angelo Pizzo and director David Anspaugh, the creative team behind the Truly Moving Picture Award-winning film “Hoosiers,” at a special screening event on Sunday, March 17.

For those few out there not familiar with the film, “Hoosiers” is a (1986) sports film about a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that wins the state championship and is loosely based on the Milan High School team that won the 1954 state championship.  Growing up in Southern Indiana, the Milan story is legend, for those in Indianapolis, if you haven’t, check out Plump’s Last Shot for more history.

Join me and hundreds of others as we support the Heartland Film Festival and enjoy a great film, make it another great way to celebrate basketball in the great state of Indiana!


Vicki Reed

5 Things NOT to do during the Closing Process!

You’ve gotten your pre-qualification, found a home and now your Lender is working on finalizing your loan…it is important that you NOT do the following 5 things…

# 1 – Change your Marital Status:

How you hold title is affected by your marital status. Be sure to make both your Realtor, Lender and Title Company aware of any changes in your marital status so that the documents can be prepared correctly.

# 2 – Change Jobs:

A job change may result in your loan being denied, particularly if you are taking a lower-paying position or moving into a different field. Don’t think you’re safe because you’ve received approval earlier in the process as your Lender may call your employer to re-verify your employment just prior to funding the loan.

# 3 – Switch Banks or move your money to another institution:

After the Lender has verified your funds at one or more institutions, the money should remain there until needed for the purchase.

# 4 – Pay off existing accounts unless your lender requests it:

If your Loan Officer advises you to pay off certain bills in order to qualify for the loan, follow that advice. Otherwise, leave your accounts as they are until your escrow closes.

# 5 – Make any large purchases:

A major purchase that requires a withdrawal from your verified funds or increases your debt can result in your not qualifing for the loan. A lender may check your credit or re-verify funds at the last minute, so avoid purchases that could impact your loan approval.

As your Realtor, I will remind you of these things, your Lender should remind you as well.  I’m excited about Turning your Dreams into an Address!

Closing-On-A-Home-300x229image credit to Tim Pierce, http://www.flickr.com/photos/qwrrty/3446221502/


Vicki Reed

For all my friends who are forever talking about Downton Abbey…

Did you know that it is a castle in Real Life?  Click here to check out this great slide show on HGTV.com and get to know the real inhabitants of this beautiful Castle…true modern-day aristocrats: George Herbert, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, and his wife, Lady Fiona, Countess of Carnarvon.  According to HGTV.com, Lady Fiona is a historian and has written a biography of her predecessor Lady Almina, an English heiress and a former Countess of Carnarvon. Almina, whose wealth and status helped to preserve the family estate through troubled times, serves in part as the basis for Downton Abbey‘s Lady Cora.  In addition to the slide show, there are 5 video on the Castle – click here to watch more!

Now let’s talk about your Castle…what are your home ownership dreams?  What does your Castle look like?  Let me help you find your Castle…click here to search the listings on my website and let’s talk!  Have a home to sell?  I can help with that too, click here to see the current value of your home!  Not sure you are financially ready?  The Shanley Team at Inlanta Mortgage is more than happy to review this with you….just click here and complete the application.  There is no obligation and you’ll know exactly where you stand.


Vicki Reed

Dinner and a play…for $24!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the annual University of Indianapolis Dinner Theater production of “I Hate Hamlet” and you still have the chance to go!

At a cost of only $24 per person (over 60, additional discounts available!), February 22-23, 2013, Dinner at 6:45 p.m., Performance at 8:00 p.m. in the Schwitzer Student Center Dining Hall.  Good Food and Great Entertainment:

I Hate Hamlet

A young and successful television actor relocates to New York, where he rents a marvelous, gothic apartment. With his television career in limbo, the actor is offered the opportunity to play Hamlet onstage, but there is one problem: he hates Hamlet.

We have been attending these dinner and performances for years and have always enjoyed them, reality is that this is less expensive than dinner and a movie!  It is a student production, from the direction to sets, dinner and servers…take a chance and enjoy a great evening!


Vicki Reed

Is your Realtor serving you?

As I work with Buyers, I’m often baffled by the lack of information on listings…you know, the Multiple Listing Service or as it is know in Indy, the Broker’s Listing Cooperative (BLC) or just MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors).  Information from this source is what feeds the internet…Trullia, Zillow, Realtor.com and a host of others…95% of Buyers find their next home ONLINE!  Are you certain your agent is getting your home online in the best possible way?

In addition to active properties, I am often trolling the expired listings in specific neighborhoods that my clients are interested in…who knows, it may be the perfect home for my Buyers and the Homeowners may still be interested in Selling!  I recently found an expired listing in the mid $200,000 price range, over 2,500 square feet and the agent had only 8 pictures of the living area, nothing upstairs, backyard and no virtual tour…and you wonder why this property never sold?

When considering who to hire when Selling your home, ask a lot of questions, not just about what they do to sell homes in general, but specifics!  How many pictures do you use?  Do you use a virtual tour?  Do you work with a lender partner?  Besides putting a sign in my yard, what will you do to sell my home?  ASK THE QUESTIONS!  Remember, YOU are hiring ME to represent you in the best possible way in the sale of your biggest asset!

The BLC allows for 24 photos AND a virtual tour…how many photos has your agent put on your listing?  The quality of those photos?  It is not necessary for your agent to hire a professional photographer, we’ve been in the business a while and understand the best way to take photographs and are generally quite good at it.  There are only 500 characters available for describing you property, but we want to make everyone count!

What about information packets in the home?  I always create a packet of information with the sales disclosures, a list of upgrades and features of the home, school, church and shopping information.  This same information is uploaded to the listing.  I also add a stand-up display for the home flyer along with bottled water and snacks for prospective buyers.

I want to Sell your home, I will work to serve you.  I am part of the Number 1 Real Estate Company in the Nation, you not only have me working for you, but every Keller Williams agent in the country.  Click here for videos about my service…then call me!


Vicki Reed


When was “you’re welcome” replaced with “no problem”?

As a Realtor, I spend a lot of time out and about…coffee shops, restaurants, even drive-thru’s and have made a startling discovery…when I say “thank you” to someone for a service provided the standard answer is no longer “you’re welcome” or even “my pleasure“, it has been replaced with “no problem”…really?  My friend Don Allen of Union Savings Bank and I had this discussion over a recent breakfast and he made a comment to the wait staff about it and it went right over their head!

This happens frequently when a service has been rendered.  I don’t actually think that I create a problem for someone providing a service, I believe it is part of their job. When somebody says “no problem” or “not a problem” then it makes me think that person really did think that my request for customer service was a problem, and it’s irritating.  Saying “no problem” suggests that the customer was a potential problem and – thank goodness – things turned out okay. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to think of myself as a potential problem customer or an interruption or a disruption or a hassle.

Sure, some customers always seem to have a problem. And some customers may not always approach with the respect deserved. They may let their emotions get the best of them, or may even let their bad moods impact their interaction, but the customers are not the ones getting paid to do a job.

We have jobs and careers because of our customers/clients, tasks and everything else we may be working on can wait. So, the next time a customer/client says “thank you”, say “my pleasure” instead.  If that doesn’t feel comfortable for you, stick with the tried and true “You’re welcome.”

As a Realtor, I try to always respond with “my pleasure”, because it truly is “my pleasure” to make certain that my clients have the best possible experience whether Selling or Buying (or both) a home with me.  Who do you know interesting SELLING a home…BUYING a home…or INVESTING…in real estate in the next 30 days?  Let me treat them the way a Client should be treated!


Vicki Reed