61 Revolutions Around the Sun

Yes, I celebrated a birthday recently and am still celebrating! My boss said he’s never seen anyone stretch out a birthday as long as I can. But, hey – it only comes once a year so I enjoy it to the max.  I was going to wax eloquent about the passing of another year but decided to keep it simple.

It’s been an interesting year – ups and downs as usual but nothing earth shattering until March & April. That’s when I found out several co-workers were being severanced (we don’t use down-sized anymore).  I’ve been at the same company for 30+ years and this happens as it does everywhere in corporate America. But maybe because I’m older and looking at the autumn of my life, this time is different.

I’ve worked with most of the folks for six years and made some lasting friendships. Some were long distance since we’re a global company but nonetheless, we became fast friends. We had meetings twice a year or so and they’d travel to Indy so we got to meet face-to-face and spend time together. Several work in the same building and we shared lunchtimes, discussing life problems and last nights DWTS results. I know their birthdays, kid’s names, favorite foods and drinks. We’d do things outside of work too: Girls Night Out, concerts, movies, holiday parties and volunteer events. Another difficult aspect is that I have to process their ‘termination’ (off-boarding in corporate speak) so yes, it’s hard on those staying behind.

One of them has been a friend for over 30 years – we’ve been through a lot together: divorces, re-marriages, re-locations, kids, grand-kids, health issues (human and animal) but always there when needed even from a distance.

It’s going to be a change knowing they’re not here every day. Yes, I know we can communicate through all kinds of technology, but not being able to see them every day will be different. So, I’ll take a deep breath and put those friendships in another category. It will be an effort but I’ll certainly try to keep in touch ’cause I want to be able to celebrate next year’s birthday with them!

The New York Times Said It…

so it must be true, right?  Visit my website for info on the Indianapolis Real Estate market!

As Housing Market Strengthens, Prices Rise at Lower End

The housing market continues to gather strength, according to new data released Tuesday, and in a particularly encouraging sign, the price gains appear to be spreading to the lower end of the market in many cities…click here to read the rest of the article

Soccer, motorcyles and memories…

A trip to visit the family in Madison, Indiana this weekend was a bit adventurous and a bit nostalgic.  First…congrats to my niece Ashley for her team win on the soccer field Saturday.  Spent the afternoon visiting my Grandmother at the nursing home…she will be 98 in November!  I really enjoyed the visit although her mind isn’t good, she did know who I was.  After the visit and a trip to DQ with my folks (we used to do that all the time as a treat when I was a kid!), Dad was taking the motorcycle to check on my grandparents farm so I decided to ride along…been a while since I’ve been on the back of a bike and it was so exhilarating!

As I wandered around the house, memories assailed me and I found myself in tears, much to my surprise!  My grandfather passed away 6 years ago and until December last year, my grandmother continued to live on the farm, nothing has been removed from the house, it still feels like they are both there.  So many memories of my childhood, I spent a lot of time, especially in the summer months, with them, as the oldest of 4, it was my place to be the only one.  I learned how to cook in the kitchen, peeled peaches and apples for pies to freeze so that we could enjoy them during the winter, picked corn from the garden to freeze and learned to can, although I can’t remember much of that now…only the story of the exploding canned beets coating the kitchen, right after we had done the “summer clean”…which meant we had to do it all over again.

I loved spending the summer months there, even though they didn’t have air conditioning…we spent a lot of evenings on the porch, because they are so close to the Ohio River, we could hear the music from bars in Carrollton, KY and during the Aurora Borealis wow!  Enough meandering down memory lane, the tears may start again…,

The Jackie Look Update…

I attended The Jackie Look – film & conversation at IMA on September 13 and WOW!  Great crowd, the TOBY was nearly full and a large contingent of them were dressed in their best pillbox hats and pearls…a sight to behold – fantastic!  The IMA routinely hosts special – FREE – events , I encourage everyone to check these out and support the wonderful events offered in our great city!

Also admire the style of Diana, Princess of Wales?  Take a short trip to Louisville and visit The Fraizer Museum and visit:

Diana: A Celebration

September 15, 2012 through January 13, 2013

Rarely is an exhibition as remarkable as the life behind it.

Experience the life and humanitarian work of one of the most remarkable women of the 20th Century, Diana, Princess of Wales. Direct from England, experience nine galleries with over 150 objects, including Diana’s royal wedding gown, 28 designer dresses, family heirlooms, personal mementoes, diamond tiaras, priceless jewels and rare home movies.

I am definitely going to this!


Looking for fall events?

Ah, cooler weather – haven’t we all been waiting for this? Perfect temps to get out and enjoy Indy and nearby locations.  Hopefully something will catch your eye:

  • Sept. 13  The Jackie Look – film & conversation at IMA
  • Sept. 15  Speedway Spectacular with a Parade!  Also Sister Cities International Festival at City Market
  • Sept. 19-22 Sullivan Corn Festival w/The Wright Brothers band
  • Sept. 21  Oktoberfest Downtown on Circle 4:00 – 11:00 with Polkaboy
  • Sept. 28-29  Avon Community Festival at Washington Twp. Park with a Parade!
  • Sept. 28 – thru Oct: Kelsay Dairy Farm tours in Whiteland
  • Oct. 5-7 Bloomfield Apple Festival with a Parade!  Danvile has a film festival and it’s the Popcorn Festival in Brazil
  • Oct. 6-7  Cataract Bean Dinner Festival
  • Oct. 11-14  Martinsville Fall Festival with a Parade!
  • Oct. 13  Highland Scottish Games at Garfield Park
  • Oct. 19  Reschedule America We Remember Concert at Garfield Park
  • Oct. 21-27 Irvington Halloween Festival with a Parade!
  • Oct. 27 Fall Harvest Festival at Bradford Woods

Add in all the local football & soccer games and the calendar is full.  Then before you know it – it’s Halloween! Heard a stat the other day that almost as many Halloween decorations are sold as Christmas decorations.  Scary thought, huh?

Time to think about…

Selling or buying?  Home prices continue to post the strongest growth in 6 years!  Thinking of buying, now is the time, interest rates are low and prices are going up!  Thinking of selling?  Let’s take a look at your numbers!  Check out this article for all the details…http://www.inman.com/news/2012/09/4/home-prices-post-strongest-growth-in-6-years

90 Miles to Roast a Hot Dog

Boy oh boy was I in the driver’s seat this weekend!  The family does a big campout Labor Day at Lieber SRA so I headed over on Saturday since it looked to be the day with least amount of rain.  Lieber is near Cataract (they share the lake) and about half way from Indy to Terre Haute.  Traffic wasn’t too bad – just the usual idiots driving with no headlights and too fast. I just cranked up the CCR CD and boogied on down the road.  Roadwork on I-70 was stopped for the holiday but there’s a lot of rough patches you have to watch out for. Part of it is done around the Putnamville exit and it will be smooth sailing once it’s all done. Our tax $$ at work!  As I pulled into the park to pay my entrance fee I noticed the sign saying all events had been canceled. Just like everything around Indy had been canceled. Those weather people:  5-7 inches my foot!  It was no big deal – the family is excellent at making up their own activities!  The kids were just coming back from swimming, older folks were playing cards or napping and everyone was asking when dinner would be ready.  Firemaster Tim got the flames roaring and soon the coals were ready for roasting that hot dog. I’d purchased a new hot dog stick a while back but wasn’t sure I liked the design. Well, now I know I don’t like it so I’ll be googling ‘hot dog roasting stick’ soon.  Everyone was fixing something to share – crockpots full of goodies, leftovers from a wedding reception, fresh ribs that had been moo-ing a couple days before;  yummy stuff.  Finally it was time for the s’mores that the kids love (I’m not a fan, just plain toasted marshmallow for me) so they got out all the fixins.  Then the argument over lightly browned or holy smoke, it’s on fire technique began.  Then the crying ’cause you can’t have just the chocolate – you have to have the whole thing.  I stayed long enough to see the blue moon rise and share some fireside stories.   What fun!  Round trip: 90.2 miles.

Even the Indiana Grand Casino is capitalizing on…

the traffic on North bound I-69!  They have a billboard saying why fight traffic when you could make a quick trip down I-74 to the Indiana Grand Casino (or is it “racino”?).  Look out Hoosier Park….