Autumn Observations from the Driver’s Seat

1. USE your headlights! It’s darker longer and I’m not sure how YOU can see without them on. I know it’s hard to see you coming down the street.

2. STOP running red lights! I don’t mean just when it turns yellow/pink. I see people running the lights after they turn completely red. And we wonder why there’s glass and tail light fragments at intersections . . . .

3. WALK against traffic if there’s not a sidewalk. At least if you’re facing oncoming cars and one doesn’t see you, you might have a chance of jumping out of the way. Otherwise, splat!

4. LOTS of people decorate for Halloween. Not just a jack-o-lantern on the porch but over the top lights, stuff in trees and scary things that move when you walk close to them. BOO!

5. SUCH beautiful colors on the trees this year, lots of yellow but some bright reds & orange. Thank you, Mother Nature.

6. PSL: is there anything we can’t put pumpkin spice into? I’m surprised Lays’ potato chips missed that flavor.

7. BIGGER political yard signs. Not just ‘for sale’ size but gigantic with lots of graphics. Wonder how much of a donation you have to give for one of those?

8. SQUIRRELS: nature’s speed bumps.

9. HALLOWEEN treats – not just candy anymore. I’ve seen sticker & tattoo giveaways. Guess there’s too many ‘allergies’ these days to hand out eatable treats. Bet the dentists don’t agree.

10. REMEMBER when we didn’t see Christmas decorations till AFTER Halloween. Heck, I remember when we didn’t seen them till AFTER Thanksgiving.