Lucky Guy!

Have you seen the latest Hoosier Lottery news?  Indiana Resident has won $1 million…TWICE in 3 months!  From the Indy Star…

Indy man wins $1M lottery prize for second time


The chances of winning a $1-million lottery ticket are slim. Winning the same lottery twice is unheard of.

Yet an Indianapolis man defied the odds twice, winning his second $1-million prize in three months.

Robert Hamilton claimed his $1 million from the Hoosier Lottery Commission July 22, according to a news release. He purchased the ticket in the $120 Million Cash Spectacular Scratch-off from a Speedway on South East Street.

After taxes, Hamilton collected $792,846.04, according to the website.

Hamilton won another $1-million prize in the same game three months earlier, on April 28. He told the commission he stopped by a Casey’s in Jasonville on his way to a conference and purchased the winning ticket there.

“It’s the icing on the cake,” Hamilton said, as he claimed his second prize.

The odds of winning the $1-million prize on that game are one in 2.1 million, according to the news release. Five of the $120 Million Cash Spectacular Scratch-off prizes remain unclaimed.

With his first prize, Hamilton bought a house with his wife Donna Hamilton, paid some bills, scheduled a vacation, bought a truck for his father and purchased equipment for his commercial trash hauling company.

This time around, Hamilton said he plans to buy a motorcycle.

Donna Hamilton said she and her husband wouldn’t let the winnings go to their heads.

“We’re just everyday, normal people,” she said.

Lucky guy!

Vicki Reed

In case you missed it…

Tired of panhandlers, not only downtown, but at stop lights?  Check out this great column by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz (been a fan of his since his days on 1430 am when it was news radio), he always has a great take on Living in Indy…

Abdul: Turned down by Indy’s stingy panhandlers

I’m back…

Yes, I’ve been gone…so many things to update you on!

First and most importantly, I’ve moved!  Last year I wrote a few posts about helping my friend Kate purchase a co-op in Irvington and another couple about the Irvington area…well, now I’m a resident and Kate’s neighbor!

I now live in a townhome…basement, main floor has a living room, dining room and kitchen, second floor has 2 bedrooms…well, actually 1 bedroom and a dressing room (built in 1917 = no closet space, turned 2nd bedroom into a dressing room!) and a bath and lastly, the attic space has been finished and makes a perfect office!  I have a 1 car detattached garage and have finally stopped shutting the door while still sitting in the car, getting used to a garage NOT attached to the house has been one of my biggest challenges!

I love my new neighborhood!  Kate and I walked to dinner at Legend and stopped for ice cream at the new ice cream shop on Washington Street.  The very walkable lifestyle of Irvington is fantastic!  September is the Historic Home Tour…and I am participating – more on that another day.

In addition to moving, unpacking, etc., my business has been going very well, several closings over the months of June and July and many happy families.

Most importantly, an update on my beautiful nieces:  Allyson and Jordan graduated from high school, Michelle is engaged to Zack and I went on a short trip with Ashley, Riley and my Parents…it’s been a crazy couple of months and I have enjoyed every bit of it!  Ashley and Riley will be the first of them to see the new place (Sunday) can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and look forward to Living in Indy being back on track!

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Vicki Reed