This is your year…

There are so many self-help, self-improvement, books on the market, it’s tough to know what books are the right ones for you or even where to start!  I am so blessed to have Shelly Aristizabal in my life and her willingness to share her trials and tribulations is extraordinary, yet she is one of the most positive people I know.

She was lead to buy and become CEO/President of Business Women Connect (BWC) when it’s founder Linda Rendlemen elected to focus her energies on her Women Like Us Foundation.  As part of the re-launch of BWC, I attended the first meeting in Indianapolis and have had an opportunity to be part of the focus group for it’s continued success…so much fun and so many things happening, changing, what works, what doesn’t.

Shelly Aristizabal is one of the world’s leading Community Commerce Executives, an author, speaker, coach, and a passionate student in the area of personal development and achievement. A product of the success principles she teaches, Shelly is committed to sharing the basic life skills and lessons of success with women through Business Women Connect.

In addition to working to expand BWC (now in Indianapolis, IN; Naples, FL and Atlanta, GA!) Shelly is committed to encouraging others to design and pursue the life of their dreams everyday and  has enjoyed her mission to discover her own true purpose and to live a more meaningful life. This journey has lead her to trust God completely and follow her heart. In addition to BWC, she blogs, speaks, writes and is a published author of a wonderful book “This is Your Year”!

“This is Your Year to Design and Live the Life of your Dreams” has a page for each day of the year, it is truly inspirational and motivational to spend 15 minutes each morning to read, ponder and hopefully…do the action items as you think about your life and the changes you want to make.

Shelly and what she is doing for us is inspirational, check out the book, it really will help this be Your Year…


Vicki Reed

Six numbers have the power to change your life…

It’s happened again…a single ticket has won the estimated $400 million Powerball…one ticket that beat the 1 in 175,223,510 odds and drew the winning numbers: 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball 19.

We’ve all heard the statistics.  You are more likely to die from a bee sting (one in 6.1 million) or be struck by lightning (one in 3 million), but we keep playing — most likely because the thought of winning even $1 million is much more fun than the thought of being attacked by a shark (one in 11.5 million).

We may never know the name or names of the winners. South Carolina lottery rules lets winners remain anonymous if they want.  The ticket was sold Wednesday afternoon at a Murphy gas station in that 5.8-square-mile town of Lexington, South Carolina, home to just 17,800…in a town this size, you know all the neighbors are looking at each other and thinking…it wasn’t me, was it you?  

Wednesday’s haul was the fourth largest lottery price in U.S. history.  The biggest payload was $665 million in the Mega Millions game in March 2012. The greatest Powerball jackpot was the $590.5 million won with a single ticket in Florida this past May.  But $400 million, with a cash value of $223 million, is still pretty sweet.

So why do we play?  When my Dad quit smoking decades ago, he decided to put his smoke money toward buying lottery tickets, I buy tickets because…well, you never know!  When I’m feeling particularly stressed about money, Dad tells me to make sure and get my tickets and put them under my pillow to dream on them…I did win $400 once in the Powerball and win a few dollars here and there on the Hoosier Lottery, it’s like going to the casino…only take what you are willing to lose – I’m good with losing a few bucks a week on a game of chance!

According to an article on CNN, human behavior expert Dr. Wendy Walsh said last year when the Mega Millions jackpot hit $656 million. “We have the Cinderella complex — there’s a fairy godmother who’s going to come in and save us.”  people love to have a rescue fantasy.  What do you think?  I just think it’s fun, I was raised to depend on myself for my lifestyle…my parents instilled a great work ethic in all of us, I work hard for what I have and with the pending sale of my home, I could be out of debt by the end of the year!  So looking forward to that and will talk about my future plans in a later post.

In December, during my 12 Wishes of Christmas series, I shared my thoughts on what I would do if I won…what would you do????

Hoosier Lotter Ticket

Vicki Reed

Dumb Move Day…

Reading today’s news items, two of them jumped out…

From WTHR:

INDIANAPOLIS – A loaded handgun and four full magazines were found in the travel bags of a man at the Indianapolis airport.  A screener detected the gun and ammunition while the passenger was passing through security Monday. Metro Police arrested (name removed by me), who told them he forgot the gun and ammunition was in his bag. He was released.  The TSA kept the gun and bullets.

and from The Indianapolis Star:

Truck driver misses signs, rolls into south split construction

truck driver this morning told police he simply failed to notice signs and barricades directing motorists away from a Downtown construction project at the south split of interstates 65 and 70.  

About 5 a.m. today, truck driver (name removed by me), drove through the barricades, got stuck and had to be pulled out of the construction area by a wrecker.  “Basically, the truck driver said he was just taking his normal route and there has always been a ramp there,” said Cpl. Wiley Mimms of the Indiana State Police. “Apparently he was not looking at all the signs and everything.”…  You can read the story here if you want additional information.

So my big question for the loaded handgun guy…why are you carrying a loaded gun in a bag you are traveling with and how do you “forget”?  I can see forgetting some TSA rules – shampoo bigger than whatever the current size is, but a GUN?

Now, about this trucker…every sign, every electronic sign, every traffic report on the radio and even the national news has talked about the closures on I-65/I-70 through downtown Indianapolis…how do you not know or notice the bright orange “CLOSED” on the big green signs and the BARRICADES set up to keep you from driving through….no offense, but you deserved the ticket at the very least…arrest at the very most.  How much money did this cost the taxpayers in the slow down of the process?  Repair of what damage was done?

So…did you make any dumb moves today?



Vicki Reed

Historic Irvington Home Tour!

I’m so excited…this spring, I was able to work with my friend Kate Bilyj in the purchase of a Co-op in her dream area of Irvington and drum role please…her unit has been chosen to be on the Irvington Benton House Tour of Homes on Sunday, September 15, 2013!

This tour showcases the history, charm, and architecture of Irvington neighborhoods.  In it’s 40th year, this tour brings inspiration, education, and home improvement ideas to the.  Guests can enjoy viewing the properties of homeowners who truly fuel the Irvington neighborhoods. Many of the homeowners not only live in Irvington, but, invest further in the development of this 143 year old community.

Featured on this years tour is a beautiful ranch with a three room conversion into a dream kitchen. Recent bathroom renovations, and a finished basement.  In the Irvington Terrace area is a charming tudor with unique architecture, original details, and beautiful front and back gardens. Also on view will be a chic bungalow where budget and hip design style play a central role in creating an inspired home. The newly constructed Irvington Lofts are also included on the tour. Kate’s unit is in the Co-op neighborhood of Maplewood Court and boasts many of the original features including my favorite part…the original doorbell!

As part of the 40th anniversary celebration, there will be a tour/hog roast celebration at the Downey Avenue Christian Church, a complimentary cupcake as well as music and festivities on the lawn of the Benton House.

The home tour is the largest fundraising event for the historic Benton House, raising funds for the preservation of the 140 year old landmark. What started 40 years ago as a group of eager neighbors opening their homes for neighbors to tour and share ideas has now turned into the longest consecutively ran home tour in the city of Indianapolis showcasing nearly 200 homes and landmarks over the years.

The 2013 self guided Irvington Tour of Homes starts at noon and continues until 5:00pm on September 15, 2013. Biking and walking is encouraged. Tickets are $12 advance, $15 the day of the tour. Children under 12 years of age are admitted free.

Tickets can be purchased starting August 28 at local Irvington shops and restaurants to include Central Ace Hardware, Dufour’s, Black Sheep Gifts, Snips and Bookmamas. Purchase tickets the day of the home tour at the Benton House, 312 South Downey Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219. For information please call 317-372-2372 or email

Think you might want to live in Irvington?  I can help with that!  In addition to homes currently on the market, I will have a home for sale ON Pleasant Run Parkway South drive, directly across the street from Ellenberger Park.  My friend and fellow agent Jeffrey Tabler will be holding this home open on Sunday during the times of the tour…stop in and say hello! I will be at Kate’s home helping her with the tour…yes, I am a full service agent!  Please stop by and say hello!


Vicki Reed

Homes for Heroes Celebrating 12th Anniversary

Indianapolis, Indiana – Homes for Heroes is celebrating its 12th year of bringing savings to our nation’s heroes. The program was created to honor those that serve our communities every day and ensure a legacy of remembrance for those that lost their lives that tragic day.Ruth Johnson, President and CEO of Homes for Heroes, is one of the five founding members who started Homes for Heroes, Inc. in 2002. “We all remember where we were. We all recall how we felt. WE decided to do something about it!  We created a forever remembrance, a never ending thank you, to all the Heroes that day. We all share admiration for the people who serve our community, often selflessly and wanted to recognize and show our appreciation in a meaningful way, “said Johnson.The Homes for Heroes program has grown to become the nation’s largest hero savings program with over 1,000 affiliates in 47 states. It is comprised of realtors, lenders, and other real estate-related providers who are willing to offer substantial savings and discounts to when buying, selling or even refinancing their home. Nationally, the program has given back well over $3 million to heroes all over the country, a total that continues to grow on a daily basis.Homes for Heroes has served thousands of heroes across the country including Minneapolis Police Sergeant, Tim Hatchner, “This is not a gimmick. There is no extra paper work or special guidelines or income limits. Homes for Heroes is comprised of full service real estate, mortgage and title company professionals, who have long established reputations in the Twin Cities. Both the sale and the purchase of my home went off without a hitch. Homes for Heroes saved us nearly $5000.00 at closing. When raising a young family, every penny counts! I would definitely recommend this program to my fellow officers.”

If you would like more information about Homes for Heroes or to see other relative media regarding the national program go to  

I have partnered with this program in the Indianapolis region and would love to talk more about the program.  Please visit my website and visit the Featured Partner page.
homes for heros logo
Vicki Reed

ATTENTION Displaced I-65 and I-70 Drivers!

With the close of I-65 and I-70 between the North and South Splits for about two months, I have noticed are marked increase in the traffic on I-465…and so have the police departments!  So…just a few suggestions….

1.  Stop weaving in and out of traffic to get ahead of everyone…you might not make it!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of being in the center lane when a car zoomed past me on the right and cut all the way over to the left lane and flipped off the driver of the pick-up truck that was passing me on the left…who promptly flipped him back…really boys???

2.  Drive a consistent speed…I recommend 60 mph and set the cruise.  If everyone moves at a consistent speed we can avoid the speeding up and slowing down that plagues the morning and evening commutes.  Oh, and at 60…those police officers I mentioned likely won’t give you a second look.

3.  If you are going to be on the highway for a while, drive in the center lane, avoid all of those people getting on and off the highway and let the crazy people pass you on the left!

4.  Pay attention to your commute time and find alternate routes to your destination.  Let’s face it, we know that the NE corner connection to I-69 is always going to back up during the morning and evening commute times – if you don’t need it, find another way to go!  Also, the NW corner gets a little backed up during those times as well.

5.  Treat your fellow drivers with a little patience and a little respect…we are all trying to get someplace, drive courteously and pretend you are surprised when you reach your destination at little (or a lot) less stressed.

6.  Those of you driving city streets…this is not the Indy 500, that’s in May…SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION…I don’t care how many points you pretend to earn for running over animals and humans, it just isn’t worth it!

Okay, so these are my tips for today, remember, the project is supposed to be over by the first week of November so before you know it, things will be back to what passes for normal traffic in Indy…just be grateful we don’t live in Atlanta!

Want more information on the project?  Visit the WTHR 13 website, links and info including a live video stream to see the progress as well as alternate routes, etc.  Want to buy a condo downtown to avoid the highway issue?  Click here and visit my website…I’ve got you covered from $2,595,000 to $59,500!  Have a great afternoon everyone…and drive safe!

Drive Safe

Vicki Reed

Reading…Pleasure or Self-Improvement?

Do you read?  Some people don’t, however, I’m an avid reader…mostly for pleasure, but since striking out on my own in Real Estate, I’ve also become a reader of non-fiction, mostly as part of my Master Mind groups, but also to keep myself up on what has worked and what hasn’t in the real estate biz, etc…follow in the steps of those who have succeeded!

So who are your favorite Fiction authors?  I love Stuart Woods (Stone Barrington series) and James Patterson (Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club and many of the stand alones that follow the same crime/mystery format) and for laughs, who doesn’t love Janet Evanovich‘s Stephanie Plum books!  The cast of characters in these series become comfortable friends as you read the series – heck, until Tyler Perry played Alex Cross, I always heard Morgan Freeman‘s voice in my head as the famed detective.

Do you buy books?  Personally, except for two series, I use the library.  Indianapolis has a great library system and our Central library is amazing! is their website and if you use an e-reader (Kindle, Nook or any tablet), downloading is easy…they even have classes to teach you how to do it and when your due date approaches, it is simply removed from your device!

Have you experienced Central library?  The expansion created an experience – I’ve seen weddings and receptions set up in the atrium, they have a coffee shop, fireplaces in the old part and have programs in the auditorium as well as show old movies, I know we’ve seen several including Singing in the Rain and Sabrina.

If you have children, I highly recommend the children’s section – one time we performed a virtual knee replacement surgery on some fictional soul!  They have a lot of learning tools and programs for kids.

Need a place to meet with a group?  Floors 3, 4 and 5 all have group study rooms with whiteboards – just check-in with the desk on each floor and reserve or see what is available immediately.  Many people use them as a quiet place to work for a couple of hours between appointments.

Visit the library’s website for a list of everything offered and what’s happening in all their locations!


Vicki Reed