Indy Hosts the Final Four Next Weekend!

Despite the negative press we are currently receiving about the Religious Freedom bill we are still hosting this year’s Final Four and by tomorrow night we will know which 4 College Teams will be playing for the championship…being the host city brings so much more to our City!  Let’s hope that the Bill doesn’t make this the last one…

So many things will happening next week, you will be seeing a lot of volunteers (me included!) toward the end of the week.  There are always opportunities to volunteer, Final Four is closed for registration now, but there are other NCAA Events, click here to learn more about ongoing opportunities!

The Indianapolis Star published the time lapse video of creating the floor at Lucas Oil Stadium, click here to check it out!

Friday, Lucas Oil Stadium will be open and FREE to the public to watch the Final Four teams practice as well as the College All Star teams tipping off at 4:30, Fan Fest will also open at Noon on Friday.

Think this is just about the games?  Check out the 3 day March Madness Music Festival, the Final Four Dribble, Youth Clinics, and let’s face it…people watching is free and a lot of fun!  You can check out all the information at the Men’s Final Four Championship website.

I’ll be in the middle of the madness, say hello if you see me!

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Vicki Reed

Adventures with JP, Episode 1

It was a dark and stormy day . . . isn’t that how Snoopy starts his great American novel? Well, this time it was true when we took off for niece JP’s annual birthday trip. We’ve been doing this for several years and never know what adventures lay ahead. This year she decided we’d go to SW Indiana, Sullivan to be exact. I picked up her and sister V. on Friday afternoon and we headed out.
We made it to The Front Porch in Worthington for lunch. We all thought they closed at 2:00 but they were open later since it was a Friday. We enjoyed some home cooking: tenderloin and fish sandwiches and onion rings. Then it was onward southwest through the rain.
I’d made reservations at the mobile home (they don’t like to call it a trailer) at the Sullivan County Park & Lake. JP had camped here a few years ago so I looked it up and found they had a few cabins and the MH for rent. JP knew there was a shortcut off the highway so we took off down the back roads. Maybe if it hadn’t been so rainy, she’d have remembered the landmarks but somehow we ended up on the opposite side of the lake. I called the Park Office and asked for directions. The lady said, “My, you’re making it difficult. Let me think about where you are and how to get you here.” She did talk us in and we got checked in. The MH probably has not earned a lot of stars on any rating site, but it suited us. It was clean, had hot water and appliances and three bedrooms (although JP’s was on the porch).
JP called Cousin M and asked if we could pick up dinner and come over and watch the IU game. We knew she’d be in front of the big screen since she’s a huge IU fan. So, a quick stop at the town market to pick up food and off we went. We yelled and coached from our chairs but it didn’t do any good, IU lost. We did get caught up on local family news and saw pictures of the newest grandbabies.
The rain stopped during the night and we had some sunshine as we headed out Saturday. We got a late start so thought we’d grab lunch in Sullivan. Well, most of their eateries DO close at 2 p.m.! We finally found the bar & grille at the bowling alley was open. As we were paying our check, we noticed a flyer for the local high school’s presentation of Mary Poppins. Wow – that would be fun! So we had to be back by 8:00.
We crossed into Illinois to find a winery – we always try to tour a winery on our adventures. We found an antique/flea market open in Palestine so took a look around. Since we gained an hour, we took our time strolling through the aisles. We asked about a winery and the proprietors said the closest one was at Vincennes. We were running out of time so that wasn’t an option; we headed back to Indiana.
We made it to the high school just in time. It was a typical amateur production. The sound was bad, the audience noise was distracting but somehow we were transported into the story of the Banks family and Bert & Mary. The students did a good job of singing and even made their English accents believable.
Sunday morning was even brighter and warmer. We’d noticed a couple of trash to treasures shops in town so off we went. Well, everything was closed on Sundays; we forgot we were in small town America.
So, time to head back North. When we stopped for gas, JP ran into some folks she knew so caught up with them. Lunch was back at Worthington again at the 67 Grille & Ice Cream Shop. This time, JP ran into someone she went to school with so more catching up. Back to Morgan County and home, sweet home.
Lessons learned:
– There’s more than one way to get to your destination
– You never know who you’ll run into on an adventure
– You’ll always find an IU fan
– Check county parks for rentals – cheaper than hotels
– Remember what time zone you’re in
– Go to a high school musical – always enjoyable
– Take wine with you just in case

Well, I never . . . . . . . .

I never would drive a pink car no matter how much Mary Kay I sold.
I never (at least try not to) step in spit on the sidewalk. That’s just nasty. Although, I do have contests with my kids/grandkids when we walk across a bridge on how long of a spit string we can get hanging over the side!
I never keep more than one day’s worth of history on my pc. It’s no one’s business.
I never understood why a driver has to go speeding around me, switching lanes and I end up at the next stop light at the same time as they do.
I never get tired of hearing “That was fun Grandma!”
I never get tired of quoting favorite movies with friends & family. Especially Blazing Saddles, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Star Wars, Christmas Story . . . .
I never enjoyed having to move in the winter.
I never buy name-brand food, generic is just fine. Although, it’s almost as expensive as name brand nowadays.
I never figured out why someone stays married ‘for the sake of the kids.’ Wouldn’t living with a happier parent(s) be better than living in a miserable environment?
I never figured out why they have to put a person’s age with their name in a magazine/newspaper article. If I want to know how old someone is, I’ll check Wikipedia.
I never stopped putting two spaces after a period.
I never forget to put things back where I got them in case I need it again and forgot where I put it.
I never miss a chance to give/get a hug.
I never expect a Thank You card for a gift; it’s a thing of the past. You’re lucky if you get a thanks in FB or email.
I never figured out why the commercials on Hulu stream just fine but the program I’m watching slows down halfway through.
I never like to look up and see anyone (thin, thick, whatever shape) wearing leggings and a short shirt! They were meant to wear UNDER a long shirt/sweater or short skirt. Cover up those bums! And please don’t let it be a wild color or pattern – that’s even worse.
I never had a bad pregnancy; sure I threw up for 9 months and still carry the 50+ extra pounds, but they all ended with a beautiful baby boy that grew into a wonderful man.
I never pass up a chance for a road trip. Call me, I’ll go!
I never pass up a chance to use the bathroom; this depends on your age.
I never try to take anything for granted. Everyone serves a purpose and I’m thankful they’re in my life.