Today’s Lesson in Real Estate…

I have been working with a great young couple to purchase their new home…we found the right home, in the neighborhood they love and have an accepted offer!  This is a unique situation for the Seller, this is their parents home, one passed away and the other has moved to an assisted living facility…unfortunately, the Seller lives out of town and decided to turn the utilities off to the house! 

Because the Seller wanted to move as quickly as possible, we scheduled the Home Inspection for today…but they haven’t gotten the utilities back on yet!  Now my client has been inconvenienced by having to reschedule at the last minute, time off from work has to be adjusted and Amendments made to the Purchase Agreement for time to respond to the Inspection stipulations in the document. 

So Buyers out there…if you have made an offer on a vacant home and the utilities have been turned off, your agent should work with the Seller’s agent to make certain they are back on BEFORE you schedule your Home Inspection! (I was assured they would be and stopped by the house 45 minutes before to verify and discovered they were not!)

Sellers…before you turn those utilities off, consider the consequences to your potential sale…a situation like this could delay closing by a minimum of a week!

Check out my website for more info on Buying/Selling a home!!

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