How do you dress for work?

This week I attended a workshop for Realtors and while most everyone was dressed appropriately for an afternoon workshop, one person stood out…lace racer back tank, short black skirt with zippers up each side and 5 inch red platform stilettos…Really?  It looked great on her and would be a great ensemble to wear out with friends at night, but in a professional setting?  So…I really want to know, am I too much of a traditionalist for today’s society?  Dressing appropriately for a work setting or meeting with clients is very important to me, I work very hard to put together a professional, classic look at all times…maybe I over think it?  As an avid fan of What Not To Wear (Tuesday nights, 10:00 p.m. on TLC), I strive to look appropriate for any occassion, but am I taking it too far?  I would love to hear your thoughts…post on this page, email me at or visit my website to send me an email…looking forward to hearing from you!

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