Croy Creek Adventure – Day 2

What was that? A falling star? No – just ‘folks’ up and at it before dawn with flashlights and head lamps looking under tarps and checking out the lay of the land. Sunday is the big buyer day – and they arrive early!  We roll out of camp, get the coffee started and start taking the tarps off so we’re ready to SELL!

Most people walk around but some do the drive-by gawking in trucks, golf carts, scooters, bicycles and ATV’s; pulling/pushing kids/dogs in a buggy or wagon. One man even sells “flea market wagons” with sideboards, umbrella, money and cup holders for $125.

This is the day for people watching. This place puts that ‘seen at Wal-Mart’ web site to shame. Just add ‘obese’ as an adjective for most of my descriptions – it’s a good motivator to put down that donut!. Mostly there’s too little clothing to cover up body parts. And when did spaghetti straps become a fashionable decision for Sr. Citizens? Some of the standouts:

  • couple on cycle, her in a purple sundress (I only saw them from the back, others said the front view was worse)
  • guy with l-o-n-g hair matted and woven into his beard
  • woman with jungle print, see-thru, short-short one piece outfit
  • family with children carrying live chickens, dad had the big soup pot and mom had the propane cooker – what’s for dinner tonight?
  • man with very hairy arms and solid tattoos all over them
  • young woman with tube top, Daisy-Duke shorts and cowboy boots WITH spurs
  • a couple that takes dolls and remakes them into horror flick characters (complete with giant spiders and cages) alongside their sparkly hair ribbons
  • and there’s no helicopter parenting here – punishment is swift and solid with a loud “I TOLD YOU NO!”
  • man in the golf cart with a Great Dane seat-belted next to him that was bigger than the cart!

Some will stop, ask the price and say, I’ll think on it. Some will haggle over the price, some will have their money out as soon as they walk up. Most will stop and chat or tell you the story about when they owned that certain item. You’re probably gonna run into someone you know or their relative so don’t say anything bad about anyone.

For $3 you’ll never get a better example of Midwest Americana – join us sometime.

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