90 Miles to Roast a Hot Dog

Boy oh boy was I in the driver’s seat this weekend!  The family does a big campout Labor Day at Lieber SRA so I headed over on Saturday since it looked to be the day with least amount of rain.  Lieber is near Cataract (they share the lake) and about half way from Indy to Terre Haute.  Traffic wasn’t too bad – just the usual idiots driving with no headlights and too fast. I just cranked up the CCR CD and boogied on down the road.  Roadwork on I-70 was stopped for the holiday but there’s a lot of rough patches you have to watch out for. Part of it is done around the Putnamville exit and it will be smooth sailing once it’s all done. Our tax $$ at work!  As I pulled into the park to pay my entrance fee I noticed the sign saying all events had been canceled. Just like everything around Indy had been canceled. Those weather people:  5-7 inches my foot!  It was no big deal – the family is excellent at making up their own activities!  The kids were just coming back from swimming, older folks were playing cards or napping and everyone was asking when dinner would be ready.  Firemaster Tim got the flames roaring and soon the coals were ready for roasting that hot dog. I’d purchased a new hot dog stick a while back but wasn’t sure I liked the design. Well, now I know I don’t like it so I’ll be googling ‘hot dog roasting stick’ soon.  Everyone was fixing something to share – crockpots full of goodies, leftovers from a wedding reception, fresh ribs that had been moo-ing a couple days before;  yummy stuff.  Finally it was time for the s’mores that the kids love (I’m not a fan, just plain toasted marshmallow for me) so they got out all the fixins.  Then the argument over lightly browned or holy smoke, it’s on fire technique began.  Then the crying ’cause you can’t have just the chocolate – you have to have the whole thing.  I stayed long enough to see the blue moon rise and share some fireside stories.   What fun!  Round trip: 90.2 miles.

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