What’s on YOUR desk?

I recently relocated to a new cube in our office. Gone are the days when building/facility folks would bring up the carts to help you. I even moved my own technology and phone! That was the most manual labor I’ve done in a long time.

Since I’ve been with the same company for 30+ years I’ve learned to give up ‘stuff’ and only had two boxes to move – including hard copy files (I know there’s an e-copy but there’s some things you just have to keep). I have a few work mementos: a conference room sign from the first building I worked in, my notary certificate, a 30-year achievement award, pix of kids & grandkids, a few favorite Dilbert comic strips, IU memorabilia and my “Whatever!!!” plaque.

And then there’s this little vignette in the corner:

The candy dish is for when I’m feeling generous and actually buy some; rarely chocolate ‘cause it’s too expensive, I go for the old stuff: fire balls, orange slices, Werthers, cow tails, etc.

The crown and scepter are for when co-workers call me ‘Queen of . . . . “ – it’s usually nice and in fun.

The Louisville Slugger mini-bat would come in handy if those pesky HR policies would let me use it.

The Flip-Flap flower is there because it’s just soooooo cute!

The picture of Sean – well it makes me smile and remember all the great movies he’s been in.

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