Wish # 8

My eighth wish is that I would win the lottery…told you, some of these will be selfish!  I don’t have to win a big jackpot, a million would do!  What would I do with the money you ask…well, first I would payoff my debts and depending on the size of the win, this is what I would like to do…

1.  Set up trusts for my nieces – with stipulations, no need to spoil them completely!

2.  Set up Charitable Remainder Trusts for my parents and sisters – they get an income stream for their lifetime, then when they pass, what’s left goes to item # 3.

3.  Create the Reed Family Foundation – with my Dad, Uncle Bob and I, our limb of the family tree ends, this would allow me to teach my nieces about giving and create a legacy for my Dad.

4.  Help my friends, make their lives a little easier and their burdens a little less.

5.  Buy a vacation home in South Carolina – probably Pawleys Island – It would be there for myself, my family and friends to use.

6.  Put money into my business – VLR Real Estate – and dream big!

I know you have all thought about it, what would you do?

lottery_20100826113803_320_240  Vicki Reed

One thought on “Wish # 8

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