Want to move to Irvington?

I have a client very interested in moving to Irvington – this area is ever evolving and very walkable which is on a lot of people’s wish lists these days!  Housing is reasonably priced, including some really good deals on 1700 square feet townhomes in a Coop neighborhood – I know, you say a “coop” my thoughts automatically goes to New York and those expensive apartments on Central Park!  If you google “co-ops in Indiana“, you get grain and bean coop or food coop.  This will be a learning experience that I will happy share with you as we move through the process…but now back to Irvington.

Irvington was originally a suburban town in 1870 but was annexed into the City of Indianapolis in the early 1900’s.  The original plat of Irvington includes a winding picturesque street plan, very different from Indianapolis’ grid layout.  Irvington today has more lineal blocks of brick streets than any neighborhood in the city, and its naturalistic plan is considered Indianapolis’ largest and most developed example of Victorian Romantic landscape design.

In 1873, the area was selected as the new location for Northwestern Christian University, later renamed Butler University.  From 1875-1928, Butler developed a campus in Irvington, which subsequently promoted a college town atmosphere throughout the community. Although most of the campus buildings are gone, except the Bona Thompson Memorial Library, the intellectual spirit is still reflected in Irvington’s many association and groups.

Want to move to Irvington?  Click here to check out available homes everything from $8,000 to $260,000, sign up on my website and let’s get started!


Vicki Reed

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