Sweet 16…Can’t afford to go to the games?

Can’t afford to go to the NCAA Regional play in your area but would really like to take a live look at the teams?  Try this….the day before the games, the venues are open and the teams each have scheduled practices so you can get a look at a team that might win the the NCAA National Championship in Atlanta.  My friends and I have been doing this for years, scheduling time off work and really enjoying the day of watching the teams practice.

Indianapolis is a regular on the location rotation for regional and championship games – when the Butler Bulldogs were in the Final Four, there were about 40,000 people in the stands to watch them PRACTICE!  I was there…were you?

This year, Indianapolis is hosting Louisville, Duke, Michigan State and Oregon and the schedule is Oregon (Noon-12:50 p.m.); Michigan State (1-1:50 p.m.); Louisville (2:10-3 p.m.); Duke (3:10-4 p.m.) – Doors open at 11:00 a.m.

All venues follow the same NCAA times of Noon to 12:50 p.m.; 1 – 1:50 p.m.; 2:10 – 3 p.m.and 3:10 – 4 p.m.

In the South Regional at Cowboy Stadium on Thursday, again doors opening at 11:00 a.m., the lineup is Michigan, Florida Gulf Coast, Kansas and Florida

For Wednesday in the West at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, you have Wichita State, LaSalle, Ohio State and Arizona and finally, my fav, those boys in the candy stripe pants…Indiana University at the Verizon Center in Washington DC along with SyracuseMiami (FL) and Marquette.

Take time out of your busy lives and stop in and check out the teams in your area…you’ll be glad you did!


Vicki Reed

One thought on “Sweet 16…Can’t afford to go to the games?

  1. Hey Vicki,

    How were the practices? What a great idea, and I thought about going as well, but thought to late to work it it all out.

    Thanks for sharing,


    P.S. I found your blog from the SEO Meetup last week, that was a great time! Look me up sometime to share some of your big take aways!

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