Way to go Pacers!

Saturday night’s win over the New York Knicks was sweet, so excited about facing the Miami Heat, but that win over the Knicks made me think of “Boom Baby” and Reggie Miller…Reggie and I share a birthday, but he is a year younger!

Reggie was selected by the Pacers with the 11th pick in the 1st round of the 1987 NBA Draft. Fans were upset that the Pacers chose him over New Castle, Indiana native and IU Alum Steve Alford; Pacers President Donnie Walsh was actually booed for the selection.  Ultimately fans and even Alford embraced the decision. Years later Alford said, “Not only was it a much better draft choice than drafting me … Reggie turned out not to be a great pick, he turned out to be great for the state of Indiana.”  Steve Alford played in the NBA for four seasons, mostly with the Dallas Mavericks, though he spent a portion of one season with Golden State Warriors. Today, he is the newly minted coach of Reggie Miller’s alma mater – the UCLA Bruins!

Thank you Reggie Miller for helping to turn the Pacers into a perennial playoff team during your tenure!  Remembering your “animated discussions” with Spike Lee just made it all more fun to watch.  Also a shout out to Larry Bird for his work over the years to create the foundations for the team who are headed into the Eastern Conference Finals.

Now…on to the Miami Heat and the press already trying to get something started between our coach, Frank Vogel and LeBron James…really people?  If you are going to quote someone, please share the whole context of his answer, not just what you want!

The Indiana Pacers are championship contenders because of their main strengths—defense and rebounding, These are facets of the game which the Pacer’s are is better at than most of the recent NBA champions.

Do I think the Pacer’s have a shot?  Absolutely!  Boom Baby, let’s go Pacers!

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Vicki Reed

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