ATTENTION Displaced I-65 and I-70 Drivers!

With the close of I-65 and I-70 between the North and South Splits for about two months, I have noticed are marked increase in the traffic on I-465…and so have the police departments!  So…just a few suggestions….

1.  Stop weaving in and out of traffic to get ahead of everyone…you might not make it!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of being in the center lane when a car zoomed past me on the right and cut all the way over to the left lane and flipped off the driver of the pick-up truck that was passing me on the left…who promptly flipped him back…really boys???

2.  Drive a consistent speed…I recommend 60 mph and set the cruise.  If everyone moves at a consistent speed we can avoid the speeding up and slowing down that plagues the morning and evening commutes.  Oh, and at 60…those police officers I mentioned likely won’t give you a second look.

3.  If you are going to be on the highway for a while, drive in the center lane, avoid all of those people getting on and off the highway and let the crazy people pass you on the left!

4.  Pay attention to your commute time and find alternate routes to your destination.  Let’s face it, we know that the NE corner connection to I-69 is always going to back up during the morning and evening commute times – if you don’t need it, find another way to go!  Also, the NW corner gets a little backed up during those times as well.

5.  Treat your fellow drivers with a little patience and a little respect…we are all trying to get someplace, drive courteously and pretend you are surprised when you reach your destination at little (or a lot) less stressed.

6.  Those of you driving city streets…this is not the Indy 500, that’s in May…SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION…I don’t care how many points you pretend to earn for running over animals and humans, it just isn’t worth it!

Okay, so these are my tips for today, remember, the project is supposed to be over by the first week of November so before you know it, things will be back to what passes for normal traffic in Indy…just be grateful we don’t live in Atlanta!

Want more information on the project?  Visit the WTHR 13 website, links and info including a live video stream to see the progress as well as alternate routes, etc.  Want to buy a condo downtown to avoid the highway issue?  Click here and visit my website…I’ve got you covered from $2,595,000 to $59,500!  Have a great afternoon everyone…and drive safe!

Drive Safe

Vicki Reed

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