Do It Indy!

Do you know about Do It Indy?  From their website About section…

On a chilly night in October of 2010 at a local Eastside of Indy watering hole Ben Risinger and Scott Tolin had an idea – let’s do a podcast. What started as a voice podcast soon turned into a weekly viral video show called DoItIndy. This wasn’t just any events show filmed in the basement Wayne’s World style…

It all happens within the 465 Loop of Indianapolis – the inner city of Indianapolis! DoItIndy first hit YouTube on November 15, 2010 with Volume One and they haven’t stopped since. With a Canon Powershot in hand Big Ben and Tolin went to help promote the great city of Indianapolis. DoItIndy was born. We figured we should get some good content out there and worry about how good the video was at a later date. We learned a lot early on by trial and error for sure…

Each week the show highlights local “eclectic” events happening in the inner city of Indianapolis. Arts, cinema, sports, non-profits, nightlife, music and more. Tuesday morning at 8:15 am Big Ben and Slick LaRoo present the Family 3 via FOX 59 WXIN.  On Saturday morning’s at 9:15am Big Ben and Tolin hit the airwaves LIVE from the Fox 59 WXIN studio to give The Weekend 3. Social media is our thing and every Tuesday we highlight the Top 5 urban events via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Google + and YouTube. No event is too large and no event is too small…it just has to be within the inner loop of the city.

2013 will bring the next chapter to DoItIndy as the crew is becoming a non-profit to better serve Indianapolis. We love our city and know that each week it offers something for everyone to experience what Hoosier hospitality is all about. Two years later we still feature the weekly Top 5 video on top of information on local events shared within the realm of social media and beyond. Each week Big Ben, Tolin, Wild Bill, Slick LaRoo, Mel Hook and more explore the city to show you what Indy has to offer! We are Indy’s biggest cheerleaders.

I met these guys out at the Indiana State Fair…not because they were interviewing me, but because Scott’s wife Stephanie is a fellow Realtor (with another firm!) and Scott and his crew stopped by to say Hi!  It was fun to meet them and while I’m slightly outside their typical demographic, I do enjoy checking out the page and catching them on TV when I can.  Do It Indy you are doing an amazing job of promoting what a wonderful city we live in, I thank you…


Vicki Reed

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