The Lord Ashley Ladies

What a lovely way to start a weekend: good weather good friends, good food, excellent entertainment!

Niece JP and friend Ann joined me for dinner at Lord Ashley’s Pub on Pendleton Pike. I hadn’t been there for years and since it was on the way to the Oaklandon Civic Theatre, it was the perfect place to have dinner. The service and food were excellent; Ann’s tenderloin was bigger than her plate! I’m becoming a connoisseur of ‘house made potato chips’ and theirs got an A+. We had lively dinner conversation and must have talked a bit too loud (more on that later). Topics ranged from Southern Baptist ladies to pet dental care. The calendar said it was Ladies Nite after 10:00 p.m. but we didn’t think we’d be able to make it after the play; we’ll save that for the next time.

The Theatre was just down the street at the Oaklandon Unitarian Universalist Church. We found a good parking spot and moseyed to the door. Being ladies of a certain age, we needed to make a ‘pit-stop’ before the play began. Since this was a church, the ladies’ room was well appointed (flowers, pictures, air freshener). JP did discover that the men’s room was directly behind it and the construction of the wall left a gap that permitted sounds to disturb the occupants.

We made our way upstairs to pay for our tickets and find a seat. As we got settled, a woman approached us and said, “You’re the Lord Ashley ladies aren’t you? We sat at the table behind you and heard you discussing the garden show in Danville this weekend.” Well, yes, we were and we did – that was on our Saturday agenda. We chatted a few minutes then the play director approached us and said we’d have better seats on the opposite side since there would be a ‘parade’ in Act II that we didn’t want to miss. We gathered our things and made our way to stage right; or is it left? I can never remember which.

The production was Corn and Sausage in Harmony, a play based on books by Phillip Gulley. If you have stress in your life, read or listen to his books – very soothing and humorous.

This was a totally volunteer group of folks but they did a remarkable job enveloping us in their world of board meetings, gossip, marital and career strife, traditions and new ideas. Check their web page for future productions.

A wonderful way to spend a Friday evening – even if I did hit every pothole on Mass. Ave. – sorry Ann!

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