How to survive a remodel…

My friend Cindy Hiland of Servpro is used to taking care of others disasters…but when she decided to re-do her kitchen…I’ve asked her to share some of her stories and tips on surviving the remodel…

After years of doing repairs, I have provided all types of advice to our customers.  For example because losses are never convenient, I try to calm nerves by advising to go ahead and have celebrations when under construction.  This way, it won’t matter if someone spills wine/punch on the sub floor.  Additional things to add (since undergoing my own repairs)…
Plan an alternative route to your laundry, if applicable.  My neighbors have not appreciated my running from my front door in my pj’s and slippers, through the front yard, and around to the garage because my kitchen is completely cordoned off during repairs and is my regular route to the laundry.  There was snow on the ground during some of this which caused my family members to fight over who had to do the laundry.
Prepare some freezer crock pot meals before construction.  Trying to prepare dinner for 8 weeks without a stove, oven, etc is quite trying.  We’ve been creative, even tried to make some sweet potato chips, which caught fire on the grill.  They were just a little too crispy.
Along the lines of appliances…when operating your coffee pot, toaster oven, and mini microwave from your dining room, make sure they are not on the same breaker.  You will blow your breakers if you try to use two at once…and trust me, when you are trying to get your first cup of coffee…this matters!
Final piece of advice:  If washing dishes in your laundry room, don’t put your dishes on the washing machine to dry…IF you are going to wash a load of clothes.  Your dishes will fall off and break during the spin cycle.  (Unless of course, you are wanting a reason to get new dishes).
Hope this helps!
Cindy Hiland

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