I’m back…

Yes, I’ve been gone…so many things to update you on!

First and most importantly, I’ve moved!  Last year I wrote a few posts about helping my friend Kate purchase a co-op in Irvington and another couple about the Irvington area…well, now I’m a resident and Kate’s neighbor!

I now live in a townhome…basement, main floor has a living room, dining room and kitchen, second floor has 2 bedrooms…well, actually 1 bedroom and a dressing room (built in 1917 = no closet space, turned 2nd bedroom into a dressing room!) and a bath and lastly, the attic space has been finished and makes a perfect office!  I have a 1 car detattached garage and have finally stopped shutting the door while still sitting in the car, getting used to a garage NOT attached to the house has been one of my biggest challenges!

I love my new neighborhood!  Kate and I walked to dinner at Legend and stopped for ice cream at the new ice cream shop on Washington Street.  The very walkable lifestyle of Irvington is fantastic!  September is the Historic Home Tour…and I am participating – more on that another day.

In addition to moving, unpacking, etc., my business has been going very well, several closings over the months of June and July and many happy families.

Most importantly, an update on my beautiful nieces:  Allyson and Jordan graduated from high school, Michelle is engaged to Zack and I went on a short trip with Ashley, Riley and my Parents…it’s been a crazy couple of months and I have enjoyed every bit of it!  Ashley and Riley will be the first of them to see the new place (Sunday) can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and look forward to Living in Indy being back on track!

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Vicki Reed

Do you know about Meetup.com?

As a Realtor, I’m always looking for networking opportunities and struggle because a lot of them cost significant dollars to join and only allow one of each profession among their ranks.  Several years ago…before my move to the Real Estate biz…I found Meetup.com because I was bored with my life and looking for things to do that would shake things up a bit!

Meetup.com has groups for anything you can imagine and if you can’t find something that interests you, you are encouraged start a Meetup of your own.  Founded in NYC following 9/11 (click here to read a message from the Founder), Meetup was created to use the internet to get off the internet and actually meet and interact with others who have similar interests but that you might never have met.  There are groups for Moms, Singles over 40, Live Theater Lovers, Movie Buffs, Bikers, Hikers, Christian Women in Business, and even groups who like Beer!  I encourage you to see what is there that might interest you!

I have used it for several things over different times in my life over the last few years, now I use it to find networking opportunities and master mind groups for small business.  At Keller Williams Indy Metro NE, I created a group of Independent Agents, MAX T Agents (Maximizing Independent Agents Extreme Talents), we support each other, back each other up, share business ideas and best practices and more and more lately we’ve been talking about networking opportunities and where to find them.  I always suggest Meetup.com and am surprised how few people know about it!  Business networking is defined as “a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded business people recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.”  These are generally small groups who meet for a specific purpose, some weekly, some monthly, but always worthwhile.

So for all of you out there complaining that you do don’t have anyone to do anything with…check out the groups on Meetup.com…WordPress (the host of this blog) even has one in Indy!  I’m thinking of starting one for First Time Home Buyers…what do you think?


Vicki Reed