“Water, water everywhere . . . . .

and not a drop to drink.” Said by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It’s from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It refers to a ship being stranded in the middle of the ocean and the crew is dying of thirst. Sometimes the past carries on into the future – our future. Water has been the cause of wars between countries and states forever. It also was the source of expansion in America – explorers followed the rivers to map the West. They were able to traverse the rivers and it provided food for their exploring parties. Ships were built and communities sprang up to be near the waterways for access to transportation and sustenance. Industry built factories near water to transport their products. Nowadays we use waterways for recreation and relaxation. Right here in central Indiana we have access to the White River. The city of Indianapolis actually uses it as the centerpiece of a recently built state park. If we don’t continue keeping our water sources safe and conserve, we’ll be wondering where our next drop to drink will come from. Learn more and find out how you can help at the White River Festival. Click here to explore the events happening:

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