Well, I never . . . . . . . .

I never would drive a pink car no matter how much Mary Kay I sold.
I never (at least try not to) step in spit on the sidewalk. That’s just nasty. Although, I do have contests with my kids/grandkids when we walk across a bridge on how long of a spit string we can get hanging over the side!
I never keep more than one day’s worth of history on my pc. It’s no one’s business.
I never understood why a driver has to go speeding around me, switching lanes and I end up at the next stop light at the same time as they do.
I never get tired of hearing “That was fun Grandma!”
I never get tired of quoting favorite movies with friends & family. Especially Blazing Saddles, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Star Wars, Christmas Story . . . .
I never enjoyed having to move in the winter.
I never buy name-brand food, generic is just fine. Although, it’s almost as expensive as name brand nowadays.
I never figured out why someone stays married ‘for the sake of the kids.’ Wouldn’t living with a happier parent(s) be better than living in a miserable environment?
I never figured out why they have to put a person’s age with their name in a magazine/newspaper article. If I want to know how old someone is, I’ll check Wikipedia.
I never stopped putting two spaces after a period.
I never forget to put things back where I got them in case I need it again and forgot where I put it.
I never miss a chance to give/get a hug.
I never expect a Thank You card for a gift; it’s a thing of the past. You’re lucky if you get a thanks in FB or email.
I never figured out why the commercials on Hulu stream just fine but the program I’m watching slows down halfway through.
I never like to look up and see anyone (thin, thick, whatever shape) wearing leggings and a short shirt! They were meant to wear UNDER a long shirt/sweater or short skirt. Cover up those bums! And please don’t let it be a wild color or pattern – that’s even worse.
I never had a bad pregnancy; sure I threw up for 9 months and still carry the 50+ extra pounds, but they all ended with a beautiful baby boy that grew into a wonderful man.
I never pass up a chance for a road trip. Call me, I’ll go!
I never pass up a chance to use the bathroom; this depends on your age.
I never try to take anything for granted. Everyone serves a purpose and I’m thankful they’re in my life.

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