SPRING (which I love) CLEANING (which I dislike)

Yes, it’s THAT time of year – spring cleaning. Or at least that’s what Clorox, Windex, P&G and Mr. Clean would like you to believe.  Just turn on the TV and there’s someone telling you how to do it faster and better.  The only way that would work for me is to have someone else do it.

And please, stop showing those pictures of dust mites magnified thousands of times – they’re giving me nightmares.  I’m sure my house is a much desired location for them, probably got 5 stars on Yelp.  I was much happier thinking of dust bunnies.

Of course the big thing nowadays is making your own cleaning products. I have a niece that makes her own laundry soap. Sorry, I have better things to do than chop up soap bars and mix it with borax.  I guess it’s a choice of convenience vs expense or the Little House on the Prairie syndrome.  Just check the internet for recipes for cleaners:

Glass Cleaner: 2 Tblsp of lemon juice, 1 Tblsp white vinegar and 1 cup hot water, mix, put in spray bottle and start spritzing. But, do it on a cloudy day; if it’s sunshine-y your windows will streak (so I’ve heard).

The one thing I do make is drain cleaner – easy peasy:

1 C baking soda, 1 C salt and 1/2 C vinegar, pour into the drain, let sit for 5 min. then pour 2 C boiling water down the drain. Works great plus the foaming makes me think of jr. high science class.

I did purchase a spin mop and the grandkids love using it. Winner all around: happy grandkids and clean floors!

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