Customer Service – or the lack thereof.

Recently, it’s been the lack thereof.  You’d think in these  competitive times, customer service would be a priority. I know lots of companies say that is their top priority but there are some that are lacking. I will be naming names.

  • DIL#2 decided to look for a new refrigerator and/or mattress set. It was a sultry Sunday afternoon and with nothing else to do, I said, Sure, I’ll tag along.  Our first stop was at Sears since she’d seen a flyer advertising their current sale. We walked in and several workers were standing at the registers/CS desk. A fellow said, “Whatcha looking for today?”  She said a refrigerator and could she get it delivered in a day? He replied, no – usually takes 3-4 days but take a look and let me know any model numbers you’re interested in and I’ll see what delivery time would be.  No offer of going with us to the appliance section or engaging us in any way.  While we were looking no one ever came over to check  on us.  We  found a couple and went back to the front of the store. There was no one there so we left.  Our next stop was at Ashley Furniture. As soon as we walked in we were greeted and asked what we were looking for. She said a mattress and the salesperson directed us to that area and said he’d send someone right over. In a few minutes the manager of that department introduced himself and began asking questions about what she had in mind and if there was a specific health issue she was hoping to alleviate with a new set. His explanations of foundations, toppers, pillows and firmness was illuminating.  Needless to say there’s no new refrigerator at the house but she’s sleeping much better at night.
  • I recently accompanied Son DM on a business trip to Northern Mississippi (what was I e thinking: Mississippi in late August?!).  He had a rental car reserved with  Avis that he was to pick up at 9:00. We were going to be a bit late so he called them to let them know and make sure the car would be ready. When the phone rang, a voice said, “Hello.”  Not, Good morning,  this is Beckie at Avis. How may I help you?”  Just “hello”. That should have been our first warning. He told her we’d be a bit late. She replied, “OK, car is getting oil change so it may be ready when you get here.”  When we did get to the location, DM went in. He returned in less than 10 minutes so I knew something was wrong. He was upset and explained: when he entered, the woman behind the counter (dressed in a tee shirt) sighed loudly. When he jokingly said, having a bad day, she replied, Yes, due to people like you reserving cars and expecting to pick one up.  OK then.  He inquired as to the status of his rental and she said it wouldn’t be ready for an hour, if then. Not once did she offer another vehicle or an explanation as to why it wasn’t ready.  He immediately called Avis Customer Service. The lady who answered was very apologetic but that didn’t get us a rental vehicle.  He then called Enterprise and was told yes, there were rentals available at their location a few miles away.  When we got there, the employees were wearing their company jackets and said Hello, how can we help you as soon as we entered.  They offered bottles of water and a phone charger (that he forgot to bring) at no extra cost. Needless to say, he’ll be using Enterprise Rental from now on.

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