Another Casino for the Indy Area????

For those who enjoy an occasional visit to one of the local casinos, ever wonder what we did BEFORE they were local?  I admit, I enjoy an hour or two gambling occasionally, but I work really hard for my money and a few bucks now and again for entertainment purposes is fine for me, I play penny slots and have had some luck, but ever notice the people playing the $1 or $5 machines?  Where do they get their money?  Does central Indiana need another casino?  Would love to hear your thoughts on the case…here are the highlights, for the entire report, click here for the full report from reported on August 17…

A Las Vegas company wants to buy up 135 acres of land near the Indianapolis airport to build a casino, “high-end creative retail” and more.  Full House Resorts on Monday announced its proposal to build “American Place” in response to the Indianapolis International Airport’s “Land Use Initiative.” If selected, it would be built on the land along I-465 & High School Road, near where the previous airport terminal was located.

It would include:

  • Approximately 700,000 square feet of high-end creative retail space
  • 25-villa boutique hotel designed to offer the most luxurious accommodations in the Midwest
  • Seasonal plaza
    • ice skating and a European Christmas market in the winter
    • landscaped gardens and forests in the summer
  • Central square surrounded by a unique fountain and 3-D imaging experience
  • Multi-purpose conference and performance center
  • Residential condominiums
  • Offices
  • Restaurant court
  • Multiplex movie theater
  • Small, high-end casino
  • Large health club offering local memberships

The project would cost $650 million, representing one of the largest privately funded construction projects in Indiana history, according to Full House Resorts. They estimate it would then generate $85 million per year in state and local revenues when complete. Full House claims an independent third-party study found “American Place” would also create 4,000 permanent jobs and attract 10-15 million visitors annually.  American Place would be anchored, both physically and financially, by a small casino comprising less than 5 percent of the project’s total square footage.

What do you think?  Do we need another casino?  Even as part of a “lifestyle” center?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


Vicki Reed



So cool…

So it’s Friday night and I’m sitting here watching…Garth Brooks live from the Wynn in Vegas!  I’ve missed this man, his music and his personality!  I saw him in concert 3 times, twice with his wife Trisha Yearwood…she is my all time favorite female artist and loved it each and every time!  He is a true showman and made enough money from 1989 to 2001 to retire!  Imagine, making enough money in 12 years that you don’t ever have to worry about money again.

Yeah, he made a few missteps…the whole Chris Gaines thing was a little strange, but this guy is amazing! He has many influences and heroes across the genre’s, this show is filled from the beginning with all this amazing stuff!  Tricia joined him and switched his hat and we got pure Garth from there on…so much fun!

One of the most amazing things about him is he still seems humble, despite divorce from his daughters mother, maintained a relationship that allow them to grow up as normally as possible and signed off the show with “thank you for my life”, understanding that without the fans willingness to pay for the shows, cd’s and dvd’s, he has none of what he achieved in these last 25 years.  What an enjoyable 2 hours, they just flew by!

For those of you who know me, I listen to all music, love the 80’s hairbands, the 70’s rockers and all the way back to the 50’s and 60’s as well as the “old” country that I grew up with – Conway and Loretta, George and Tammy, and of course, Elvis – all invokes memories of home and family.  So what music brings it all back for you?


Vicki Reed

Thinking of Selling in the Spring?

You do realize that if that’s you, you need to think about how you do your final yard clean-up to insure you are ready to go in February/March – before you even get the mower out of the garage!  I know, I know February/March seems early to be part of the “spring selling season”, but that’s when homes start hitting the market and if you are thinking of selling, you need to be ready!

I would love to work with you!  Let’s talk…we can look at a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and see where you are falling now, look at what projects you can work on this winter will increase your homes value and then look at the numbers again in February and get it going!  Now…about that fall clean-up…

Proper fall yard maintenance lowers the risk of plant diseases next spring. Raking the lawn ensures your grass won’t smother under a burden of fallen leaves. Of course, fall yard maintenance means winterizing: putting your plants to bed properly, all the hard work on those perinnials can pay off when spring has sprung and your yard is in bloom.

What needs doing in the fall yard before you can call it a year and start relaxing? Well, it would almost be easier to ask what does not need doing. You have your work cut out for you, especially if you have a big lawn. There’s more to fall landscaping than decorating for the Holidays. Consult this checklist to make sure your yard is in proper shape before the snow starts falling!

Beginners have some vague notion of having to “put the lawn and garden to bed” for the winter, but they are foggy on the specifics. This resource answers some commonly posed queries about fall yard maintenance. For example, how deep into fall do you have to continue mowing? What about watering your grass in fall?

Think about it, when you own a home, you always want anything you do to add value…what better way to make a good first impression as to have the best curb appeal…even in the winter.  Call me…let’s talk!


Vicki Reed