Ever been to Alcatraz?

Not as a resident, as a visitor!  I had the pleasure of visiting shortly after the movie “The Rock” was released…very cool, driving my friend Cullen crazy because I kept saying “Sean Connery stood here”  “Nicolas Cage stood here”!  He finally paid for the audio tour so he couldn’t hear me anymore!  As of yesterday, Alcatraz has been closed for 50 years and I still find it’s history fascinating!
On Thursday, the National Park Service unveiled an exhibit of newly discovered photos that depict new details about the final hours of Alcatraz.  The images were taken on the day infamous prison was closed after holding an impressive selection of criminals including gangsters Al Capone and Mickey Cohen, but did you know there were other residents on the Rock?
Workers on the Rock actually lived there too!  The warden and other prison personnel lived there, raised their families there…can you imagine being a kid on Alcatraz?

The images will be on display for at least the next three months and have evoked a swell of emotion for people who lived on the island during its days as a prison.  Jan Peters, 62, was the last child to leave the site of the island prison. His father, Arnold Peters, had been in charge of relocating the inmates to other federal prisons.  At the unveiling on Thursday, Peters said “I’m realizing that we were a part of American history,”  Peters and former Alcatraz resident John Brunner, whose father was the prison’s electrician, said living next door to the country’s most dangerous criminals was ideal.  They never saw the inmates and had world-class views, fishing and friends.  “It was fantastic to live here. We never had to lock our front door,” Brunner said with a chuckle.  Click here to read the full story on MSN.

How would you feel about growing up in a prison?  While we don’t have that opportunity here, there are a lot of unique properties in our own city for you to call your own!  Ready?  Call me, text me, email me and lets get to work finding them!


Vicki Reed