Moving day horror stories…

‘Tis the season of horror…so give me your best moving horror stories!  Mine didn’t happen to my stuff, but always happy to help a friend…

A close friend was relocating to another city and because of his job, he couldn’t be in Indy for moving day, so I volunteered to cover it for him.  Very long day of watching strange men packing his belongings and take them off to the truck.  The last item out was the futon frame…I watched it go down the elevator and up the parking garage ramp to the truck in the alley as I left the condo.  Now let me preface this by saying I have never seen a futon moved this way, laid open flat, covered in moving pads and taped.  The next evening, I met a friend at the condo to fix a light fixture, went went to the courtyard door to let him in…there sat the futon!  Still wrapped, still tagged, but sitting outside all by itself, no explanation!  I left the details to my friend to work out with the movers, but had to get that thing up the stairs to the second floor, couldn’t leave it just sitting there!  What a nightmare…and go back again for them to pick it up…I waited until it was on the truck and the truck pulled out that time!

What horror stories do you have to share???

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