Spooky stuff scares me.

I do believe in ghosts – good ones, like an angel watching over us but not the scary kind. No siree. Don’t wanna look at them at all. I don’t like uncovered windows after dark – there might be someone looking in and I’ll see their reflection. Keep the sound of rattling chains away from me too– that’s spooky.

But this time of year it’s all over the place. I read that the amount of Halloween decorations are second only to Christmas. Driving through my son’s neighborhood on the west side – I can believe it! Makes my little jack-o-lantern w/electric light look bad.

I only took my kids & grand-kids to the un-spooky hours for the Children’s Museum Haunted House.  But when they got older they all went to the ‘real’ ones in Greenwood and Beech Grove. Having some guy chase me around the parking lot with a chain saw is not my idea of fun.

We used to do a haunted house for the younger kids at Sunday School (pretty lame by today’s standards I’m sure). The older kids got a kick out of scaring their siblings. And I did dress up in a witch’s outfit and play spooky music one year giving out Treats. My costumes are usually the kind you have to think about, a play on words; like the year I went as the tv show ‘Lost’ with pieces of maps and a compass attached to my shirt.

You’d think kids would learn by now how to get away with the pranks too. But a group of boys were stopped in a Walmart when security cameras saw them purchasing large amounts of toilet paper- they were not arrested, just didn’t get to buy it.  We stored it up for months just waiting for October 31.  I only did the TP thing a couple of times; once at my English teacher’s house – but he turned the porch light on so we had to lay in a cold, damp ditch for a long time. Then once at my Uncle’s house in Kentucky. They’d never heard of TPing so I showed my cousins how to do it.  Well, my Uncle was not amused and made us go out and take it all off the trees before we left for church. So much for my hooligan days!

Happy Halloween!

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