Where do you go…

To have your shoes repaired?  As a woman on the move, I am constantly either wearing down or knocking off the heel cap on my shoes!  (For those of you who don’t know me, 99% of my over 300 pair of shoes are stiletto or kitten heeled)  It is too expensive to buy new shoes every time this happens, and really lowers your per wear value!  I was worried that shoe repair had gone the way of the service station attendant, but lo and behold, they are still around!

I am fortunate to live in Beech Grove, home to Eckstein Shoe Store and Repair which continues under new family ownership remaining in the same location it has been for 89 years. These are really terrific people, today, they fixed a pair of heels in less than 10 minutes for $8.56 and I left several other pair for repair.  If you want to increase your per wear value and keep wearing those shoes that you love…stop by and visit the great people at Eckstein Shoe Store and Repair on Main Street in downtown Beech Grove!

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