Remember “It was a dark and stormy night…” from Peanuts?

Well, it is a gray and snowy day in the Indy area…” and dozens of Indy drivers are driving around without their headlights on!  Makes you folks in the gray and white cars especially difficult to see and really difficult to avoid hitting or pulling out in front of!  I have made my trek from Beech Grove to Greenwood and back to Southport for a quick coffee break before meeting clients, fairly interesting.  Please, please, please use your headlights, especially on days like today, if we can see each other maybe we won’t hit each other!

Now…let’s talk about snowy/icy road tailgating!  Really folks?  Do you think riding my bumper is going to make me drive any faster on roads that are snow covered?  I can tell you right now…just makes me want to slow down even more!  I’m sorry you are late for whatever you are racing too, but my life is too valuable to me to drive unsafely on days like today.

Okay, so I’m off my soapbox, I’m not expecting anyone to change their habits because of my rant, but if it makes 1 person turn on their headlights and possibly avoid an accident then I’m happy!

One of the advantages of  being a Realtor is that I control my schedule, wish I had scheduled today working in my home office, not out in this beautiful (sarcasm doesn’t really translate well in a blog post does it?) Indiana weather!  My next stop is visiting potential investment properties with my clients, this means no one has shoveled the walks and in a lot of cases, there isn’t any heat on in the home…that’s why I needed this coffee  break, just to prepare myself.  Hope you all have a great and safe day!


Vicki Reed

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