Did you know…

…that Indianapolis has a thriving live theatre community?  It can be anything from the Broadway Series to local actors/actresses in local productions and the list of 2015 productions is amazing!  We have so many options in Indy, large to small…

Clowes Hall at Butler is always a great place to see a play, this year hosting Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Beauty and the Beast and for those of us of a certain age…Dirty Dancing!

There are a number of smaller community playhouses us in the area – Spotlight Theatre in Beech Grove, Putnam County Playhouse, Buck Creek Playhouse – all great opportunities for a night out, a little culture, for a very reasonable price!  Want to try out your own acting abilities, many of these smaller playhouses have opportunities for auditions!

One of my favorite productions every year is the University of Indianapolis Dinner Theatre – always entertaining, my friends and I have been going for years!  This year’s performance is the female version of The Odd Couple!  I expect that the food will be good, the production excellent and the company even better.  UIndy hosts a number of productions throughout the year, I’ve seen several and never been disappointed.

For more information about all of these productions and venues, click the links within the post or visit Indy Arts Guide or Indianapolis Theatre for more information…I’ll be checking out some of them…will you?


Vicki Reed


First Friday…huh?

Any idea what First Friday is?  What about IDADA?

Well, IDADA is the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association and the First Friday of each month, they sponsor The IDADA First Friday Art Tour.  This is IDADA’s longest-running program.  It is a free, self-guided tour that happens on the first Friday of every month and that is open to the public.  The tour includes artist studios and art galleries that are members of IDADA and located in the downtown area.  The IDADA First Friday Art Tour venues open their doors from about 6:00-9:00pm (or even later in some locations) to allow people to see their artwork.  There is no distinct beginning or ending point to the tour—people are encouraged to hop from studios to galleries as they please!  Each month, IDADA publishes a brochure that is available at participating locations and that is also available on the IDADA website.  The brochure includes a map of all of the IDADA First Friday venues as well as an alphabetical listing that explains what is going on at each venue.

I was fortunate to have been invited to attend a special showing for my friend and fantastic artist Patty Coulter  last Friday.  Patty had entered a contest last Fall to design a special edition wine label for Mallow Run Winery...and she won and Mallow Run Winery sponsored a showing of her work during First Friday!  Her beautiful design is on the Impression Pinot Grigio – LIMITED EDITION LABEL

An instant palate-pleaser with rich flavors of ripe peach and pear and a lingering finish of refreshing grapefruit. Perfect with grilled fish, or try it with spicy chicken enchiladas. Label artwork by local artist Patty Coulter, in a proud partnership with the Greater Greenwood Arts Council; proceeds from the sale of this great wine will be donated to promote artists and art awareness in the community.

Patty is a woman of many talents, she also owns and operates Spectrum Flooring Services in Greenwood.  Spectrum Flooring Services was founded in 2005 on the premise that quality flooring, backed by full manufacturer’s warranty and expert worry-free installations, could be sold at a minimum markup, in sufficient volume to be profitable.  They consistently live up to that that philosophy and their business and experience is strong.  In addition to being a fantastic artist and business woman, Patty is an expert Interior Designer and Stager.  If you need flooring, try Patty and Spectrum, you will be happy.

Are you ready for a new home for that flooring?  Need new carpet before we put your home on the market?  Let’s talk!


Vicki Reed

Remember “It was a dark and stormy night…” from Peanuts?

Well, it is a gray and snowy day in the Indy area…” and dozens of Indy drivers are driving around without their headlights on!  Makes you folks in the gray and white cars especially difficult to see and really difficult to avoid hitting or pulling out in front of!  I have made my trek from Beech Grove to Greenwood and back to Southport for a quick coffee break before meeting clients, fairly interesting.  Please, please, please use your headlights, especially on days like today, if we can see each other maybe we won’t hit each other!

Now…let’s talk about snowy/icy road tailgating!  Really folks?  Do you think riding my bumper is going to make me drive any faster on roads that are snow covered?  I can tell you right now…just makes me want to slow down even more!  I’m sorry you are late for whatever you are racing too, but my life is too valuable to me to drive unsafely on days like today.

Okay, so I’m off my soapbox, I’m not expecting anyone to change their habits because of my rant, but if it makes 1 person turn on their headlights and possibly avoid an accident then I’m happy!

One of the advantages of  being a Realtor is that I control my schedule, wish I had scheduled today working in my home office, not out in this beautiful (sarcasm doesn’t really translate well in a blog post does it?) Indiana weather!  My next stop is visiting potential investment properties with my clients, this means no one has shoveled the walks and in a lot of cases, there isn’t any heat on in the home…that’s why I needed this coffee  break, just to prepare myself.  Hope you all have a great and safe day!


Vicki Reed

Feeling Craft-y?

Want to find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift that Wally-world doesn’t have? Spend your time (and $$) at a local craft/holiday show. You’ll meet the nicest people, smell wonderful scents and no telling what you’ll find. Grab a girlfriend, sister, niece, DIL and hit the road. Here are some upcoming craft/holiday bazaars:
Nov. 10:
Avon United Methodist Church http://www.avonumc.com/
Faith Presbyterian Church http://www.indianapolisfaith.com/ click on Specials, Upcoming Events.
Calvary Lutheran Church http://clcs.org/2012/10/calvary-lutherans-45th-annual-holiday-bazaar/
Northview Church of the Brethren http://www.northviewcob.org/
Hollydaze Boutique at Hamilton 4H Fairgrounds http://www.fisherspointecoop.org/
South Harbour Clubhouse in Noblesville http://www.southharbour.org/Calendar/tabid/56/Default.aspx
Edgewood Artsy Partsy Bazaar http://www.edgewoodpreschoolcoop.org/event-calendar.html
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church http://www.stlukesumc.com/
Stonegate Elementary School

Click to access HolidayBazaar.pdf

Nov. 16-17:
Our Lady of Grace >http://www.ologn.org/images/stories/PTO/flyer2012_Holiday_Bazaar.pdf
Westfield Band Boosters http://www.westfieldbandboosters.org/craftshow.html
Garfield Park Autumn Art Fair http://aroundindy.wordpress.com/2012/10/22/garfield-park-autumn-art-fair-nov-17-18/
Lawrence Central Performing Arts http://www.lcpaa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=147&Itemid=96