Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ways to Say “I love you” all the time:

  1. Say “please” with your requests.
  2. Meet a person’s eyes when you speak to them.
  3. Say “thank you.”
  4. Say, “I trust you”.
  5. Speak kindly to everyone..
  6. Cheer proudly for your kid always.
  7. Keep a confidence.
  8. Discipline in private.
  9. Let your “no” mean no.
  10. Let your “yes” mean yes.
  11. Ask, “Do you want to talk?”
  12. Listen. Listen. Listen.
  13. Be ready to be there.
  14. Make free time.
  15. Allow mistakes.
  16. Laugh out loud and often.
  17. Ask, “How can I help you?”
  18. Give and respect privacy.
  19. Welcome your child’s friends.
  20. Say, “I’m proud of you.”
  21. Set boundaries.
  22. Set attainable goals and expectations.
  23. Say, “I’m sorry,” and ask forgiveness when wrong.
  24. Tell the truth.
  25. Say, “I don’t know” when you don’t.
  26. Smile.
  27. Ask, “How do you feel about…?”
  28. Give freedom.
  29. State limits and consequences clearly and implement consistently.
  30. Acknowledge feelings.
  31. Ask for ideas and suggestions.
  32. Celebrate success.
  33. Cry when you are sad.
  34. Explain why you are angry.
  35. Accept responsibility.
  36. Use a soft voice.
  37. Hug often.
  38. Make “I love you” the last thing you say every night.
  39. Say, “Good morning!” cheerfully every morning.
  40. Accept no excuses, bargaining, or whining.
  41. Keep your promises.
  42. Say “I love you.”

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