Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a few fun facts as you are going about your day…

  1. Cupid is the mini-god of love and son of Venus, the absolute goddess of seduction, beauty, and love—guess it runs in the family! This chubby little guy shoots arrows (or flowers, depending on the story), hoping to make two people fall in love. According to legend, Cupid is the great creator of all couples in the entire universe!
  2. The first Valentine’s Day card was from the Duke of Orléans who sent it to his wife with a poem, in the 15th century. As luck would have it, his mother’s name was—Valentine! FUN FACT:around the world, people send each other roughly a billion cards decorated with red hearts and flowers?
  3. Is Valentine’s Day a celebration of chocolate? The most popular gift today…a box of chocolates, likely in the shape of a heart. In the US, every year, chocolate sales reach or exceed $20 billion!
  4. Did you know…Giving roses is one way to express your love, but not all colors send the same message. A red rose symbolizes passion; white=purity and sincerity of your feelings; yellow,=friendship; orange=carnal desire; and pink= loyalty and sweetness.
  5. The number of roses you give on Valentine’s Day also has meaning. One rose is good for a whirlwind romance. Giving two means you’re trying to apologize. A bouquet of 12 is reserved for marriage proposals, and 36 is to profess true love. And, if your wallet can handle it, 101 roses signifies the craziest love of all—especially when you think of the bill you’ll be getting from your florist!

Make certain your special someone knows how you feel and to all, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Vicki Reed

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ways to Say “I love you” all the time:

  1. Say “please” with your requests.
  2. Meet a person’s eyes when you speak to them.
  3. Say “thank you.”
  4. Say, “I trust you”.
  5. Speak kindly to everyone..
  6. Cheer proudly for your kid always.
  7. Keep a confidence.
  8. Discipline in private.
  9. Let your “no” mean no.
  10. Let your “yes” mean yes.
  11. Ask, “Do you want to talk?”
  12. Listen. Listen. Listen.
  13. Be ready to be there.
  14. Make free time.
  15. Allow mistakes.
  16. Laugh out loud and often.
  17. Ask, “How can I help you?”
  18. Give and respect privacy.
  19. Welcome your child’s friends.
  20. Say, “I’m proud of you.”
  21. Set boundaries.
  22. Set attainable goals and expectations.
  23. Say, “I’m sorry,” and ask forgiveness when wrong.
  24. Tell the truth.
  25. Say, “I don’t know” when you don’t.
  26. Smile.
  27. Ask, “How do you feel about…?”
  28. Give freedom.
  29. State limits and consequences clearly and implement consistently.
  30. Acknowledge feelings.
  31. Ask for ideas and suggestions.
  32. Celebrate success.
  33. Cry when you are sad.
  34. Explain why you are angry.
  35. Accept responsibility.
  36. Use a soft voice.
  37. Hug often.
  38. Make “I love you” the last thing you say every night.
  39. Say, “Good morning!” cheerfully every morning.
  40. Accept no excuses, bargaining, or whining.
  41. Keep your promises.
  42. Say “I love you.”