Which Way Did They Go?

It’s March Madness…where did your favorite team end up?  For those of you who are friends and/or regular readers, you might have surmised that I am an avid (or is it rabid?) Indiana University Hoosiers fan and am excited they are headed to Dayton for the first round, but sad that for Regional play they will be headed to DC instead of Indy.

Do you know that the day before the games start in your location, each team takes the floor for 50 minutes of practice and that these are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC?  Regardless of who is playing in Indy, we have always gone to these practices and with the advantage of Indy hosting the final four and regional play on a regular basis, we have had the opportunity to watch a lot of really great teams over the years.  The last time Indianapolis hosted a Final Four, Butler was in the Final Four and it was estimated that 40,000 people came to open practice that day!  Indy generally has an abundance of people at these free practices, but the Butler Bulldogs added about 12,000 to the usual crowd.

So who do you think will win?  I do 2 brackets, the first based in reality and the second based on my heart…which means all of my favorite programs win!  So go ahead…fill out those brackets, no one is working today anyway…who do you think will be meeting in Atlanta?


Vicki Reed

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