Graduation Season…

This morning I attended the 5th grade graduation of my niece Riley, we are in the midst of a string of such occasions that will stretch for the next several years…and I am always amazed by the same things each and every time I attend one of these events…so I thought I would share a few guidelines:

1.  Be respectful of the children, this is their moment, not yours.

2.  Clean yourself up a little, no you don’t have to buy new clothes, but make certain that what you are wearing is decent, clean and neat – no bathing suits and cover-ups because you are hitting the pool after the program, torn t-shirts and dirty sweats are not acceptable!

3.  Dress appropriately, no need to look like a hooker or dress like you are going clubbing and gentlemen, remove your hats, it is the appropriate thing to do when indoors.

4.  Turn off your cell phone…there isn’t anything happening in the hour or two of the program that can’t wait.  If you can’t wait, take it outside!  Don’t take a call, then tell the person you are busy, but go ahead and have a conversation with them about what you are doing, all the while still sitting in your seat and talking in a normal voice…the rest of us don’t need to know, we are there.

5.  If you have small children, sit in the back of the room and be prepared to step outside when they start screaming, don’t just let them scream and disrupt the program for everyone.

6.  Just because your child has received their certificate/diploma/award stay quiet and let the others enjoy their child’s moment too.

7.  Stop bitching that you don’t think it will ever end….if you don’t want to be there, leave!

8.  Don’t invite your friends then sit and chat with them during the program, go to lunch after and talk then.

I realize that this is coming near the end of the “season” but in case you have more to attend, please understand, this is an important moment in these children’s lives…celebrate it, enjoy it and let them have their day, there are enough tough times in this world, everyone deserves to feel special for their shining moment.

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Vicki Reed

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