Dumb Move Day…

Reading today’s news items, two of them jumped out…

From WTHR:

INDIANAPOLIS – A loaded handgun and four full magazines were found in the travel bags of a man at the Indianapolis airport.  A screener detected the gun and ammunition while the passenger was passing through security Monday. Metro Police arrested (name removed by me), who told them he forgot the gun and ammunition was in his bag. He was released.  The TSA kept the gun and bullets.

and from The Indianapolis Star:

Truck driver misses signs, rolls into south split construction

truck driver this morning told police he simply failed to notice signs and barricades directing motorists away from a Downtown construction project at the south split of interstates 65 and 70.  

About 5 a.m. today, truck driver (name removed by me), drove through the barricades, got stuck and had to be pulled out of the construction area by a wrecker.  “Basically, the truck driver said he was just taking his normal route and there has always been a ramp there,” said Cpl. Wiley Mimms of the Indiana State Police. “Apparently he was not looking at all the signs and everything.”…  You can read the story here if you want additional information.

So my big question for the loaded handgun guy…why are you carrying a loaded gun in a bag you are traveling with and how do you “forget”?  I can see forgetting some TSA rules – shampoo bigger than whatever the current size is, but a GUN?

Now, about this trucker…every sign, every electronic sign, every traffic report on the radio and even the national news has talked about the closures on I-65/I-70 through downtown Indianapolis…how do you not know or notice the bright orange “CLOSED” on the big green signs and the BARRICADES set up to keep you from driving through….no offense, but you deserved the ticket at the very least…arrest at the very most.  How much money did this cost the taxpayers in the slow down of the process?  Repair of what damage was done?

So…did you make any dumb moves today?



Vicki Reed

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