Don’t you love seeing those old movies again on the BIG screen?

The Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin is setting your Halloween stage with a “Monster Mania” weekend!

Monster Mania

and next weekend, you can catch Young Frankenstein on the big screen!

Monster movies not your thing?  How about High Noon (for those of you old enough to know why it was a great movie) They are having a fund raising event November 2 – Cartoons for Cans, who misses Bugs Bunny?  Classic cartoons on the big screen…price of admission – 1 can of food…sounds like a deal to me!

The Christmas movie selection this year is excellent:  Elf, A Christmas Story (my fav!), White Christmas and another fan favorite…Christmas Vacation!  Yes, you can see all these and more on the BIG screen again for a mere $5 a person (or less if you are:  $4.00 for Military with ID; $4.00 for College Students with ID; $4.00 for Seniors 55 and over;
$3.00 for children 12 and under!).  For special events, check with the Box Office…so much less expensive than the big theatre’s and the popcorn and cokes are cheaper too!

The schedule for the first half of 2014 is out too…who wants to see American Graffiti on the BIG screen?

This theatre is truly a treasure, take your children and grandchildren and introduce them to movies that are so much more than explosions, murder, drugs, adultery…Annie’s coming in January, it would be a great place to start!

I’ve been introducing my nieces to Gidget (and Moondoggy!), Doris Day, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson and so many more for years…and at least 1 of them loves them as much as I do.  Movies can be entertaining, original and wholesome(?) not sure that is the right word, but something you aren’t embarrassed to take your kids to see.

Check out the Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin Indiana and enjoy yourself!


Vicki Reed



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