K at C

No, not K of C (Knights of Columbus) or KFC (KY Fried Chicken)  – this is Kids at Casino.

Took a trip to the ‘boat’ in Southern Indiana this week to celebrate a friend’s birthday. He enjoys it and a group of us have been doing it for several years.  This year it sounded even better since they have an indoor pool & hot tub. Warmth!  Steam! Wear flip-flops and not snow boots!

We got to the pool area around 8:35 p.m.  We were going to hang out and play some cards and soak up the warmth. I put my things at our spot and walked over to the hot tub. There were people sitting in the hot tub holding babies. And they were little babies – maybe a month old.  Head shake #1.

There were a couple of kids, 10-12 years old in the pool splashing around, throwing a ball. They were playing and not making much noise.  Mini-head shake #2.

Around 9:00 two guys came in with 5 little kids, ages 3-8.  The kids all jumped in the pool, screaming and splashing each other. Note: neither of the guys had on swim suits so don’t know what they’d have done if they had to grab one of the kids out of the pool.  Head shake #3.

Well, the screaming was echoing off the walls so we packed it in and headed back to our rooms. After changing into dry clothes, we headed back over to the boat. An employee was on the elevator and said, “Did you hear they had to close the pool? Some kid pooped in it!” Big head shake #4

WHY would you take kids to a casino?  What do you do with them while you’re gambling?

I used to shake my head at all the “old” people on the boat – walkers, wheel chairs, oxygen tanks – wondering if they had so much pension they could afford to gamble. Maybe.

I forgot they still allow smoking (I spent my time on the non-smoking deck which was OK) and wondered if they’d ever had someone ignite an oxygen take when they lit up! Maybe.

I can understand a taking a day out on the boat to meet friends, enjoy a concert, share a meal. But, if you can call the employees by name, maybe it’s time to get some help!

I guess I’m too frugal – I spend my allotted $40 and take a book to read!  Watching the scenery that shows up is a good time waster too!

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