How Hard Is It . . . . . . ?

to use turn signals – ALL the time?

to put the grocery cart back in the corral instead of leaving it in a parking space?

to hold the elevator door for someone approaching?

to stop using ‘LIKE’ as every other word?

to turn on your headlights all the time (proven safety action)?

to let pedestrians cross when making a turn?

to leave a bit of TP hanging down for the next person?

to talk in a normal tone when on your cell (the person 2 blocks aways doesn’t need to hear your conversation)?

to really STOP on a red light (instead of speeding through)?

to stay for the whole game instead of leaving even if your team is losing?

to take your garbage can back to the garage (instead of leaving it at the curb for 3 days)?

to be on time?

to call your mother once a week? (OK, this one is very personal, sorry!)

to only take what you’ll eat at a buffet (make another trip)?

to spay/neuter your pets (PLEASE)?

to return library items on time?

to not spit on the sidewalk (nasty)?

to change a diaper in the RR (or bedroom) not on the living room floor or couch?

to clean off your table at a fast-food place?

to change into flats instead of walking like a dork on the sidewalk (does make for fun watching on Monument Circle tho)?

to control your kids in public places?

to tell your family you love them  (often)?

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