We have a new DOWNTOWN Indy!

Well, at least a new name. What used to be IDI – Indy Downtown, Inc. has become Downtown Indy. Due to all the new residential and commercial building going on, they needed an update too. The new brand has a refreshed logo, tone and new colors. I try to keep up on what’s happening since I work downtown. My building overlooks the Circle and there’s always something going on and my co-workers are sure to ask me – “so, what’s the crowd on the Circle doing?”. I usually go to the Indydt website to check out the day’s activities. I pick up current editions of Nuvo and UP Downtown too. Just keeping up with the ever changing restaurant scene is almost a full-time job. We tried the new Labor District Café recently and was very pleased: good food & service at a reasonable price. We’re headed to the Bangkok Thai Restaurant on Friday to check it out. Reminder: Devour Downtown is happening through Aug. 31. It’s an easy on your budget way to try something new or re-visit an old favorite. I like to know what conventions are in town so I’ll know who’s parking in “my” garage; go to the Indiana Convention Center site for all the details. Who knew there was Tibetan Cultural Event or National Association of Broadcasters meeting?
Here’s some links to get you started on your adventure in Downtown Indy:

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