Pajama pants are not pants!

It’s not just the “People of Wal-Mart“, it seems to be the world…pajama pants are not pants…DO NOT WEAR THEM IN PUBLIC!

I miss Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and their weekly wisdom of “What Not To Wear“!

Driving home through the city streets from downtown Indy after showing homes…it’s 6:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, I see no fewer than 6 people walking down the street wearing pajama pants…

Have you done it?  Gone to the store in your jammies?  Maybe you just needed milk for your morning cereal or you really like how your pajamas feel and believe you look like Hugh Hefner…but deep inside – in the place that determines the difference between right and wrong — you know it’s just not appropriate.

Are we, as a culture, on a downward spiral of style?  Do we in the midwest simply not care how we look?  So what changed? Do we no longer face the same social pressures they would have centuries ago, or even a couple decades ago.

That social pressure, the unwritten rules about how someone should or should not dress, has always existed.  How we look is a signal and communicates how we feel…when we know when we see an appropriate outfit and when something doesn’t look quite right…we notice that too!  It’s called a social norm and the norms around fashion incorporate the function of clothing as well as cultural attitudes.

That boundary of what you wear around your home to what you wear in public is strongly influenced by what we see celebrities, one photo of a celeb wearing something inappropriate validates many people and they leave home wearing the same thing…whether it’s appropriate or not!

I’m very careful about how I dress outside my home…you might find me running around in shorts/sweats and a t-shirt at home, no make-up, hair messy…but I simply don’t leave the house like that…and friends…always call before you decide to stop by!

What are your thoughts!

pajama pants

Vicki Reed


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