How’s your attitude?

Myself and other Indy Realtors have just completed the 4th step of a program called BOLD (Business Objective, Life by Design), over seven weeks, BOLD conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, and business-building strategies.  How’s your attitude?  With the things I’m learning, I’ve come to realize that while I put forth a positive attitude to the outside world, I don’t always feel it inside…BOLD is changing that in me and I’m excited about what I am becoming…a more positive, dynamic person as well as Realtor!

Do you believe in the Power of Positive Thinking?  The superpower of negative thinking is that it has a stronger impact than the positive. In fact, negative impact of setbacks in your work is three times as powerful in affecting motivation than positive progress. It’s just easier to remember the bad stuff that’s happened to you during the day than the good.

Why is it that our brains have a such a negativity bias? The reason is simple: They’re wired to pay more attention to negative experiences. It’s a self-protective characteristic, we are constantly scanning for threats from when we used to be hunters and gatherers. But such vigilance for negative information can cause a  downward spiral and a negative feedback loop that does not reflect our realities.

Fortunately, we aren’t doomed by our natural disposition towards negativity. What’s amazing is that we have the ability to break out of that negative feedback loop and we can actually rewire our brains to think positively and that is what BOLD is doing for me!

So tell me…how’s your attitude?  What are your steps to changing?  Don’t you feel that working with a strong, confident, positive Realtor who will work hard to create the best home buying or selling experience for yourself and your friends and family?  I am the best and will work hard to create those great experiences….call me and let’s talk!  I am Vicki Reed, and I’m BOLD!


Vicki Reed