What song makes you smile?

Driving home Saturday after a long day of promoting Homes for Heroes at the Indiana State Fair, (I was exhausted!) and the opening strains to “Sweet Home Alabama” came on the radio…as tired as I felt, my mouth couldn’t help turn upward and I found myself smiling and singing along.  Yes, it’s a Southern Rock Anthem and reminds me of a younger, more carefree time in my life.

It got me thinking…what music makes you smile?  My MP3 player is full of a huge variety of music…Elvis, Conway Twitty, Adele, Vonda Shepherd, Robbie Williams, Van Halen, all the 80’s hair bands, Lover Boy, Styx, Boston, Norah Jones, old country, newer country, Skynard, Marshall Tucker, 60’s Motown, 80’s Pop, 70’s Album Cher, well, you get the picture.  I’m currently obsessed with Adele, her theme for James Bonds Skyfall was fantastic!  There has been a lot of GREAT music over the years, some not so great, but still gets airtime.  What music makes you smile?

There are some favs in there that surprise my friends, I mean, if you knew me, would you guess that my favorite CD is Guns N Roses “Appetite for Destruction”?  I grew up with a Mother who is a HUGE Elvis fan (yes, I’ve been to Graceland…3 times!), but also listened to Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, George Jones and Tammy Wynette and all the other country greats.  When I hit Junior High (that’s now called Middle School for some of you), I discovered Boston, Styx, Bob Seger, Skynard and of course the Eagles…there was also the Bee Gees and all the great music from Saturday Night Fever and a shot of the 50’s with Grease.

College brought out Prince, Morris Day and the Time as well as a myriad of other 80’s pop and at the same time, the movie “The Big Chill” provided another genre to explore.  Etta James “At Last” is one of my all time favorites.  Who else remember’s “Headbanger’s Ball” on MTV?  The 90’s and 2000’s found me exploring Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra…yes, my musical journey has been all over the place,  but isn’t how it should be?

Music is something that evokes memories in all of us, I try to introduce my nieces to as much of it as I can, all loved Elvis for a period of their lives thanks to Mom and I introduced them to “The Monkees”, who were originally a manufactured act turned real band that featured members with distinct (albeit fictional) personality types.   There was even a love affair with the Beatles that included a tribute band concert.  What music would you share with the next generation?  I remember going to a Rick Springfield concert at Ribfest one year and was amazed at the Tween girls singing the words to all the songs…I’m sure their Mom’s were in my age bracket!

So, time for you to share…what music makes you smile?


Vicki Reed

State Fair Fashion…or…Things that make you go hmmm…

I have been spending a fair amount (“fair” get it?) at the Indiana State Fair in the Homes for Heros booth with the team from Inlanta Mortgage and I have seen way more boobs and butt cracks than anyone should be subjected to!  Just a few tips to follow when going to a FAMILY event in warm weather…

1.  Wear clothes that fit, but breathe and move…maxi dresses can be a great option, but please, buy a size that fits which means ladies, that it should completely cover your breast and be loose enough that it is not vacuum sucked to your body.

2.  Men, PULL UP YOUR PANTS!  I have no desire to see your underwear or worse!  Hasn’t anyone every told you that women would prefer to see a fitted pair of jeans on a male backside?  My favorite are the guys who literally have to hold their pants up with one hand while they are walking because they are so far down…what if they needed to run?  Look up the origin of this style…bet you pull them up after that!

3.  Leave the rubber flip-flops at home, these aren’t really shoes.  Let’s face it, you are at a state fair, looking at the world’s biggest pig, he’s not going to be impressed with your shoes!  I am the shoe queen, if i’m going to be out walking around, I wear good, solid shoes, but if I’m standing around a booth, usually wearing something cute with a heel!

4.  If you are wearing a long top, make sure your shorts are longer than your top…I have seen several that looked like there was nothing underneath…maybe their wasn’t, but I don’t want to know.

5.  Pay attention to what your T-shirt slogan says…this is a family event and some of you are nasty!

6.  Ladies, tiny T-shirts and short short short shorts are not appropriate, I don’t like seeing cheeks hanging out and I’m sure the parents there with their small children don’t like having to explain why you have no respect for yourself.

Okay…those are my tips…and my rant for today!  I hope everyone enjoys the fair!  Oh…and for those needing a little guidance, What Not To Wear returns on TLC, Friday night at 10 for their final season…


Vicki Reed

It’s State Fair Time!

For the first time in many years, I will be at the Indiana State Fair!  I’ve never been much of a fair goer, but this year will be different because I will be helping to man the Homes For Heros booth with The Shanley Team from Inlanta Mortgage.  We will be in the Expo Hall and working with Heros to help them fulfill their dreams of home ownership!  Make sure you stop by to learn more about the program and get some candy!

Who Qualifies as a Hero?  Let me make it easy for you…


  • Active, Reserve or Retired Veterans

Law Enforcement:


  • Active or Retired Firefighters

1st Responders:

  • Paramedics, EMT’s, Ambulatory Personnel


  • Active or Retired Educators


  • Doctors & Nurses

Just interested in becoming a home owner, moving up to a larger home, moving down to a smaller home? Stop by and chat with the team, you will find a lender and Realtor ready and willing to talk with you!

The Indiana State Fair continues to be the one event which brings families together to experience the very best of Indiana! With 17 days of entertainment, exhibits and delicious food spread out over 250 acres – there truly is FUN AT EVERY TURN!  Cick here to plan your visit!

This year is the Year of Popcorn:

Light and fluffy, sometimes sweet or salty, popcorn is one of America‘s favorite snack foods. In Indiana, that means big business. The Hoosier state is the nation’s second largest popcorn producer, which is why popcorn will be the featured product at the 2013 Indiana State Fair.

And to add to the fun, The Indiana State Fair has plans to break a world record this year.  Officials decided to create the world’s largest popcorn ball.  Weighing in at more than 5,000 pounds, the ball of popcorn was constructed by workers at Snax In Pax in Topeka, Indiana.  Popcorn is in the fair spotlight to showcase the importance of the industry to the agricultural economy.  Did you know that Indiana is the second largest producer of popcorn in the country.

So…I’ll be there…will you?

State Fair

Vicki Reed