Homes for Heroes®

Do you know about Homes for Heroes®?  Their mission is to provide extraordinary savings to local heroes who provide extraordinary services to our community every day.

Homes for Heroes® is a company that affiliates with Realtors® (like me!), lenders and other real estate-related service providers who offer substantial rebates and discounts to the Heroes who serve our nation and its communities every day. Our Heroes include military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers and others who make our communities a better place to live.

This program was created after the tragic events of 9/11 as a “Thank you” to the men and women who have given so much. Heroes across the country register on the website every day looking for the savings. They are matched with Homes for Heroes® Affiliates in their area. Homes for Heroes® is now expanding its discounts beyond the home buying and selling process with the Friends of Heroes® program.

Thanks to Don Shanley and The Shanley Team at Inlanta Mortgage, this program is available in the Indianapolis area and I am so proud to one of the Realtor® Affiliates available to help our Heros achieve their dreams!

So how does the program work?  The key to the program is that there is NO COST TO THE HERO!  Here’s an example of how the program is working with Inlanta Mortgage:

Buy a $125,000 Home:
Average Realtor Commission (3.5%)*  = $4,375.00
Realtor (again…that would be me!) credits 25% BACK TO HERO AT CLOSING = $1,094.00
*Based on a 3.5% Commission. Credit is off actual commission paid to the Buying or Selling Agent

It’s a lot of information to take in, stop by the Indiana State Fair and meet me and The Shanley Team to talk about what we are doing for our local Hero’s as well as what we can do for YOU!

homes for heros logo

Vicki Reed

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