Turning Right…in front of me!

As I spend much of my time on the road, I have noticed a higher number of drivers, waiting to turn right….wait until the light turns for the other side, then decide to pull out in front of them!  It’s happening all over the city and makes no sense…is the few seconds you gain worth your life?  My car is not the greatest, but STOP TURNING IN FRONT OF ME!

Now, let’s address those texters…please stop texting and driving!  I was nearly been side swiped 3 times yesterday because these drivers were too busy trying to type something into their phones…I value my life, don’t you?  What is so important that it is worth your life?  And the age of these people surprises me…they appear to be older, definitely not teens!  Have we educated our teens about the danger, but neglected the adults?

Okay, rant over…who wants to buy a house?  sell a house?  Call me!


Vicki Reed

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