This life is hard enough…

First, let me qualify this post by saying that I chose to be a REALTOR®…I love my job, I love “Turning your dreams into an Address…”, it’s more than a tagline, I truly love working with buyers and sellers, my clients have become friends and this means so much, however, several things have happened this year that I would like to address…

1.  A fellow agent called, he had received a call from someone who saw his sign in front of a house.  The potential buyer told him that he was not represented and the agent, who was out of town, contacted me to show the property.  I arranged to show him the property and during our meeting, I again asked if he was working with an agent and he said that he was, but he “didn’t want to bother him to show him the home“.  My advice to buyers – BOTHER US!  Commit to working with one Realtor, showing you homes is what we are paid for, to show you homes and represent your BEST interests in YOUR home purchase, please do not lie to other agents, we will eventually find out.

2.  Realtors… treat each other with respect and kindness, we are all trying to do what is best for our clients. During the course of a recent transaction, the Seller’s agent maligned my clients character during the course of a number of delays, was hateful and demanding of me, including trying to get me to give up part of my commission.  I’m sorry, I work really hard for my clients, I am upfront and honest with other agents during the course of every transaction.  Regarding delays…sometimes things happen and we do the best we can, but please, be patient, be kind and just talk to each other with some modicum of respect.  The end result is someone wants to sell a house, someone wants to buy that house and its up to us to make it happen and make both our clients happy.

3.  Last week I received a call from an agent showing one of my listings.  The home is unoccupied, yet when she arrived, the lockbox was open, the key in the door, door wide open, lights on…and no one there!  What if there hadn’t been another showing scheduled that day?  How long would it have stayed that way?  I called the agent who had shown it earlier and left a voicemail asking how he left the home, just to find out if someone showed the home and wasn’t scheduled (they still haven’t called me back!).  Agents, please leave the home secured when you leave and if you did it, own up to it.  My favorite thing an agent did at another unoccupied listing was leave the gas fireplace burning…it was over 4 days before the home was viewed again, next agent came into a 95 degree temp…in February!  Buyers, help us make certain the homes you are viewing are locked up tight and it was as you found it when you leave!

4.  Buying a home?  During a recent transaction for a client selling a home, we were on the way to closing and received a call from the Buyer’s agent...there was a large spot on the master bedroom carpet and they hadn’t seen it before…it had been there all along, never hidden, but apparently never seen by the buyer or their agent.  Now, the seller was getting money back from the sale of the home, a reward for home ownership if you will, and had already agreed to pay $3,000 toward the Buyer’s closing costs as well as pay for a home warranty of $400.  The Buyer’s agent screams at me that they wanted $500 to replace the carpet or they would be pulling out of the transaction.  First, there is no reason to scream at me, second, just  because you can see on the HUD statement that my client is receiving money doesn’t mean your client “deserves” money for something you hadn’t asked for previously.  My client was using this money in the purchase of their next home, it was not the Buyers to take.  We did close, but what should have been a joyful day for both parties turned contentious and stressful.

5.  Selling your home?  Pay attention to the terms of your contract.  When  are you to turn over possession of the home?  What items are to remain with the home?  Realtors, communicate with them on how the home should be left for the new owners and remind them of what appliances, etc. are to remain.  In addition to my own experience, I hear a lot from other agents about washers and dryers being taken when they were clearly on the Purchase Agreement, what about that fridge in the garage?  Sellers, don’t take the light fixtures and replace them with the builder grade brass one that was there when you moved in UNLESS you disclosed that you were taking the fixture.  During a recent transaction, we arrived to do a final walk-through 30 minutes before closing and they were still moving out!  This is the first time the Sellers had sold a home and they had no idea that this was unacceptable.  Sellers, your home needs to be “broom clean” when you leave, you should also make certain that you aren’t still trying to move as you are headed to the closing table and Agents…communicate with your Sellers!

Okay, enough of my rants/life lessons or whatever you would like to call this, but truly, life is tough, the key is to treat one another with RESPECT…in negotiations, in delays, in closings and even in follow-ups after the fact.  It doesn’t just apply to real estate transactions, but our everyday lives.  I strive to be a Realtor® that other agents want to work with and that my clients want to refer their friends to…it’s working so far and I look forward to a long prosperous career!  Now…if you are ready to buy or sell a home…CALL ME!


Vicki Reed

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