Booze at the State Fair…

For the first time in 67 years, alcohol is being served at the Indiana State Fair…in an exhibit hall behind the fried food and lemonade stands and across from the Coliseum, the new Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibition at the Indiana State Fair isn’t the spectacle of stumbling drunks opponents expected.

There are strict drink limits, those who wish to partake purchase wristbands with three detachable drink vouchers to spend as they please.  The choices are simple, a drink consists of a 12-ounce glass of beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine or four smaller samples of beer or wine for those who want to try a variety.

The exhibit is a showcase of Indiana’s local breweries and wineries.  The offerings change from day to day, as Indiana breweries and wineries take alternating turns in the spotlight and the exhibit is geared toward a casual audience…sweeter wines and crowd-pleasing brews geared toward those who have never tried a craft beer.

Most are giving the exhibit rave reviews, the only negative I’ve heard is that there isn’t enough seating!

The state’s reluctance to serve alcohol may have been a blessing in disguise, the key to lifting the ban was that the product’s would all be from local, Indiana based wineries and breweries…no international brands allowed.

This is supposed to be an exhibit, apparently the “exhibit” leaves something to be desired on education, some servers offer in-depth explanations of their offerings; others don’t. There is a trough of hops in the entry and a teaser to a Prohibition exhibit at the Indiana State Museum but little else on display.

What do you think?  The Indiana State Fair is supposed to be about Indiana and with the increasing numbers of wineries and breweries, I think it’s a brilliant way to showcase these tax paying employers and hopefully increase their business which can only improve the economy over time.  Would love to hear from you!

Vicki Reedbeer and wine

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